Thursday, June 7, 2007


This is a typical carousel. A merry-go-round. A ride in the amusement park. But what is not typical with this specific carousel is that not only is it not in an amusement park; it is inside the mall!

Just like in the park, this carousel also has the ride policy by its entrance.

Any child would be dazzled by the dolled up horses that appear to be parading and romping around the carousel in colorful head pieces and saddles. I was!

The kids will have a blast in choosing the horse they like... Aren't these adorable!

Other similar "amusement parks" are also seen in other malls like Festival Mall's Pixie Forest and X-site (which I hope to be able to feature here in my blog too in the future) .
Going to the mall has changed much indeed. It is not only for the shoppers now.. not just for the diners.. not just for the moviegoers.. Malling has now become a different kind of fun for the little ones as well.


  1. When I was growing up, my cousins and I would regularly visit Fiesta Carnival in Cubao. Your carousel pics sure made me recall a lot of fond memories.

    Thanks, Gita. =)

  2. youre welcome. actually, it had the same effect on me. kaya nga when i saw this carousel inside SM just as i was coming out of Banco de Oro, i pulled out my camera from my purse and took the shots.
    wow, Fiesta Carnival kayo! kami nga pa perya perya lang eh. hahaha... memories, memories!

  3. In fairness, pumupunta rin kami sa perya-perya. =)

    Mayroon nga dati sa may amin sa FTI pag pasko na may babaeng kumakain ng manok at kumakanta ng Ms. Saigon. =)

  4. you lived near FTI? we did too. pero di ako nag perya dun. ehehehe... star city naman and boom na boom plus big bang alabang! ahahaha.. buking ang age. and nung naging maarte na, enchanted kingdom na. ahahaha...
    katakot naman the chicken-eating woman...gross ha... :-)

  5. Still in the area, actually, Gita. Taga dito ka noon? Small world! =)

    Oo naman, dun din kami sa Big Bang, Boom Na... at Star City nagsisipuntahan ng tropa noon. Pag may pera, ha.

    Kaya pati FTI pinapagtyagaan na namin. =)

    Mas gross ang pagkanta nya actually. =)

  6. isang beses lang ata ako nakasakay sa kabayong umiikot.. at di ko na matandaan ang edad ko.. basta don ako nagsimulang maging lakwatsera.. Ü dahil palagi akong bitbit ng mabait kong auntie.. Ü

  7. naku mimi , pareho tayo. once din lang ata ako nkasakay sa merry go round... kaya nga inggit na inggit ako sa mga bata na nakikita ko sa SM everytime... overage na ako to make up for lost time eh. hehehehe

  8. Am I missing something? Never pa kasi ako nakapunta sa carnival.

  9. it is fun, lovingsue. you should try it.

  10. heheh.. according to my bro sa smbicutan pala to.. heheh. kapitbahay.. Ü sa basement ito.. Ü

  11. mimi, you mean this carousel? yea, sa SM bicutan ito. basement. near banco de oro. but if you want a bigger "indoor carnival", check out Festival mall. mas malaki and mas maganda. have fun!