Friday, June 22, 2007


It was quite a surprise for me to find out that Goodah!!! is still very much around after all these years. What started out as a goto-han is now your regular out-doorsy diner with that all familiar red and white chairs and tables.

We passed by this branch along Dona Soledad Avenue inside Better Living Subdivision here in Paranaque.

There is still that counter for those who choose to dine while sitting on those red stools.

There is ample space for parking.

Their tapsilog remains to be my favorite (and Suu's too).

Mon had their jumbo plate which is like a sampler of the different items on the menu.. the embutido, tapa & tocino with the egg and fried rice.

It is good to see that somehow, there are still all-pinoy businesses in the country that are surviving and thriving.

Tangkilikin ang sariling atin!


  1. Nakaka-miss nga ang Goodah! Sayang sarado na yung branch nila dati dito sa QC. Sana makahanap ako ng malapit lapit dito sa North :D

  2. nina, akala ko nga wala nang goodah!!! eh. sa sobrang gulat ko na meron pala here sa better, dun kami nag dinner agad ni hubby... i like their tapa. hindi sha galit sa asin! just right alat. :-)

  3. Wow! Memory lane time again, Gita. =)

    Goodah reminds me of high school and those midnight drag races. Those were the days: cheap food and cheap fuel. =)

  4. Gita,
    Is "GotoHaven" owned by the late actor Vic Silayan still around in Morayta and GreenHills? They used to serve the best Goto in town. Also, there was this gotohan on the side of Malate Church that served goto with deep fried garlic(as much as you want from a jar)and was open 24/7, just can't remember the name of the place. The Goodah here in the San Fernanado Valley is ok, quite a bit pricey and parking is very limited since it's alongside mostly pinoy eateries and very busy on weekend mornings.

  5. ang kaso, houseband00, hindi na din sha cheap ngayon... just like fuel prices here. about P70-80 a dish (drinks not included), not your average meal price dito. but still, people flock to goodah!!! na mememory-lane din siguro, just like us! hahaha...

    noypetes, i dont think i see those restaurants around anymore. ang dami nang bago sa GH at malate/ermita area... baka wala na. sayang naman...

  6. I heard the best tapsilogan are in Paranaque. This must be one of them.

    There's that cute doll, again :)

  7. it is one of them, senorE. and here in paranaque, it is not just the tapsilogans that abound... there are lots of tummy fillers here that are worth checking out. do come!

    i have ten of these dolls, senorE. and i bring one with me everyday to work. in case i get a good photo op. it's cool to be able to interchange their hairstyles and their clothes. hahaha... yea, like that should interest you! hehehe...

    thanks for dropping by...

  8. there used to be a goodah on laurel st near malacanang that we used to frequent; it's no longer there

    there are many branches also in Caltex stations; even one at the Salcedo carpark and on buendia near osmena

    they changed owners, i've heard

  9. tutubi, wala na pala yung branch near malacanang? thats one of the earlier branches of goodah!!! nga that i know din. sayang naman.
    im not sure if the taste has changed much though.

  10. WAla na ba yung malapit sa M.Palace? MAdalas din kami dun in the wee hours of the morning with the whole V staff since yun ang bukas gila....really good food, you wont even notice youre almost like eating in the toilet! hihi.

    no offense meant, but from your photos it seems they changed the all white tiles nila ha...thanks for sharing!

  11. giz, im not sure about the M. Palace branch.. andun pa ata... madaanan nga one time... ill let you know. ;-)

    white and red ang 'interiors'... parang ganun pa rin ang color before.. yung mga tiles ata ang nawala.. hehehe...

    like their sign says... Theyre Open 25 hrs. o diba!