Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Every cent counts, doesn't it?

I found this in National Bookstore. It was something new to me so I looked a little closer to check it out. And then I thought, I think I needed one so I bought it. It was really cheap, anyway.

And was I glad that I did! I used to be such a mess when it comes to my coins. I leave them anywhere in the house, on the table, on the computer table, on my dresser, on top of the refrigerator... anywhere!

I had fun arranging my coins on the Isicoin the first time! It is nice to see how every single Philippine cent has its own groove and fits inside perfectly!

What is even great, the Isicoin easily shows me how much coins I already have, just by the labels! Each groove that you fill up amounts to exactly as the label says! The coins fit perfectly to a tee!

It is really a neat way of piling your coins! Now, I can use my coins to pay my toll fees, my parking fees and service tips. It is so easy to bundle them up now.

Thanks to Isicoin, my coins have never been more organized!


  1. Mali yung basa ko una. Parang 'Icy' instead of 'easy'. Katuwa naman yang gamit na yan. would be very useful if you own a sari-sari store

  2. naku ferdz, it is perfect not just for store owners.... it is perfect for anyone whose coins are all nakakalat at home! like me! hahaha..
    and for people who take the public transport everyday...
    at least now, they have their rightful places na sa isicoin. at saka i was surprised na yung mga barya barya pala natin amount to something din pag binilang, heehehe...
    this one is really practical to have. cheap pa!

  3. Uy, wow...great find Gita! I need this one!

  4. Ang galing, ah! Makabili nga din... Thanks for sharing this find, Gita! :)

  5. naku, mindy and rhodora, i just knew i had to share this cheap find with the whole world. ehehe..very practical sha talaga.
    actually, when i read the blog of Blogging Bugsy at http://bloggingbugs.blogs.com/blogging_bugs/2007/06/my-daily-bread.html, that inspired me to write about Isicoin naman. :-)

  6. LOL! Naku, Gita, I have it na... you might think parang OC ako no? But I bought the isicoin na - didn't even notice the name... basta when I saw it at National, I just grabbed it because I knew it was what I needed.

    Mine is black but I didn't write about it kasi it was in my bedroom because when I retire, I put all the coins I can find in my bag or pocket there. I chose the tubes kasi I bring it with me in my bag ... easier to count the coins. In fact, when I put the coins in the tube, naka set na sila na 7 pesos so when I pour them out, I get exactly 7 pesos. Ha ha ha! OC nga yata. :)

    Thank you very much for the mention, Gita! I'm happy you found that post useful.

  7. always welcome! and thanks for sharing that too, bugsybee. yan namang coin tubes mo ang next target ko sa national as soon as i get to pasyal. keep in touch and keep blogging! let us all keep sharing!

  8. Wow! hay tets yan ah! We used to have we called "Pitugo" a miniture version of a coconut shell "alkansiya". Can't remember if it was coconut or something else. Either you buy it painted with an illustartion coveed with varnish(shellac) for a shiny surface and hangs on a mini bead chain on your bag for females or on the "sinturera" of your pants for men.You can fit .10's and 25 centavos in it and depending on the size can accommodate about Php5.00 worth of coins. If you have the patience, you can make your own by carving out the meat of the shell from a small hole, emptying it into a hollow alkansiya with your own personal touch to it. This is a trivia for your dad!

  9. cute naman, how much? hehe. tagal na ko di nakakavisit sa national. sana meron sa branch na puntahan ko.

    bugs, i just tagged you! - http://lelila.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/tagged/

  10. Great idea! I should get one.

    Pete, bakit wala na akong makitang Pitugo kahit sa Quiapo handicraft area?

  11. noypetes, ive got to ask my dad about this pitugo! that should bring him down memory lane again! :-)

    lel, i forgot na how much it is eh. had this a long time na. but it is so easy on the pocket.
    i got your tag.. still trying to find out how to go about it.. hahaha. na tag ang lola! taguan pung pa naman ang alam ko!

    senorE, pati singkong butas, has its own place in Isicoin. nabigyan din sha nag importansya, thank god!
    this is really one practical must-have at home.

  12. ei sis, i thought it was a recent buy hehe.

    taguan pung, lol! aliw the tagging hehe.

  13. i like it also..... you can get it in elagant black....beauty royal blue....Ferrari red colors...i allways see them in the banks...
    If they use it so its a real professional item