Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pizza Hut Delivery

Rui and I checked this Pizza Hut's Take Out and Delivery outlet for some snacks which was a stone's throw away from where I work and was surprised to find that it is a mini diner too.

A small counter manned by just one person greeted us when we walked in.

There was a mini bar to one side of the diner that can sit 4 people.

I have been wanting to get one of these black umbrellas that are always on sale at the outlets.

The diner still primarily offers delivery service of their products, phoned in from the 911-11-11 trunklineand dispatched in these motorbikes.

It is amusing how the delivery services from different fastfood chains offer different promos to entice more customers such as: free soda if order comes late, special discounts if order comes late, money back if order comes late. I however would much prefer that my order comes on time to getting these discounts.

It was a little too much for Rui to take in. There was just a lot on the menu.

I give credit to the brainstormers of Pizza Hut Inc. for coming up not just with the very catchy and intersting names for their new pizzas such as Cheezy Volcano, Cheesy Pops etc. but also for all these new pizza ideas such as stuffed crust, double and triple sausage stuffed, cheesy pop pull outs etc. Good thing they are as dee-lish as they sound.

Pizza Hut seems to have broadened their menu and now offers rice topping meals, pasta dishes, soups, desserts and salads! There was a lot to try for Rui and me but we settled for spaghetti and the new one on the list, their Roasted chicken.

Pizza hut continues to attract diners everywhere. Maybe it is because they are affordable, or maybe because their food tastes good. And still, maybe, it is because they are everywhere.


  1. Hi Gita,

    Pizza, remarkably, symbolizes happy times for my son and I. A box of mozza stuffed-crust with all-cheese topping is his favorite. =)

    I like the idea that Pizza Hut has a customer database. The fact that they have a record of what you've had delivered previously helps in the ordering process. I also like the way they try to be prompt.

  2. Hi Gita! You take really nice pictures and I like seeing Rui in your pictures, too.! :)

    I once ordered from Pizza Hut and they were about 5 minutes late. I said I'd let it pass because what's 5 minutes anyway BUT, unfortunately for them, my 6 year-old nephew was around and insisted on collecting the extra pizza. They delivered the extra within 30 minutes. We were all very happy!

  3. memories, really, houseband00! there used to be just Pan Pizza and 3M pizza when i was young. then came shakey's then pizza hut. now there are so many pizza brands around you cant recall each and every one of them...

    i love them all. it's dinner in snap!

  4. thanks, bugsybee. glad you like the pictures. i do enjoy taking them too, immensely, with or without my dolls. i guess photography is my passion.

    good for you! the next pizza was just too good to refuse. you deserved it. :-)

  5. Ooh! Now I want to eat pizza Hut again. Ang tagal ko nang di nakakain dyan. Last Pizza I had is greenwich pa. Pizza Hut should pay you for this. :D

  6. hehehe.... bisyo ko lang talaga, ferdz,to take photos of anything that catches my fancy. be it food, place, object, anything really. im just happy to be able to share it thru my blog.
    ako nga, kahit 3M pizza ok na sa akin eh. hehehe... :-)

  7. Wow! nuon Luigi's Pizza lang sa Cubao at Shakeys sa Makati and I could barely remember the pizza flavors at Shakeys then except the Managers special and a pitcher of beer..or two..or three..or four:-)
    Nice photos and I like the close ups of the food too! Kodakera ka rin pala! O sige kodakan mo ng kodakan ang lahat ng gusto mong kodakan! Cheers Gita. Inviting you to visit my site and kind regards to your hubby and kids.

  8. i linked you up na, noypetes. kakaaliw blog mo ha. very original.

    manager's choice pala ang favorite mo. kami naman ni Fafa, meatlovers sa kanya, garlic and chees naman ang akin! o diba! pinaka mura sa menu ang gusto ko! swerte tuloy sha pag nag dadate kami nung araw! hahaha...

    ya, i love taking pictures of almost anything! and i love viewing pictures as well! i can spend hours online just looking at different flickr pages! kodakera, i like that! :-) keep in touch!

  9. Ay salamat naman sa pag tangkilik mo sa akin! Ako yung na-laos ng kodakero dati sa Manila at dito sa States. Ngayon ay empleyado na lang ako sa UCLA at ako ang bos-bosan dito sa Preservation Imaging and Photographic Services ng Southern Regional Library Facilities, rare book at film and TV archives ng University of California. I used to have cold sweats everytime I go inside the libraries of UST to do research and do some school works. Di talaga ako bagay sa mga academic environment nuon pero eto ako ngayon biker na empleyado ng UCLA! O ayan na ang profile ko para di kayo ma-ilang sa akin kasi borderline ADDHD din ako:-) Suwerte nga ang hubby mo matipid kang date nuon.

  10. Nice shots ma'am. The dolls are a cute addition.

    What camera do you use? And how were you able to take pictures of the inside of the resto?

    BTW, you don't look 40.

  11. Photowalker, thanks for dropping by. and for the complement.

    on taking photos inside restaurants, i just take out my camera and shoot. well, shempre i try to size up the store and restau managers too if they seem nice.
    oh, and i make sure i order something first before i fire away with my camera. it is by the way just a point and shoot canon a540.

  12. meatlovers and baocn cheeseburger fave ko! tapos cheezy volcano or sausage stufed crust! love the fettucine alfredo too!!

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