Friday, January 25, 2008

Insular Bakery's Eggpie

Eggpie is one of my husband's favorite desserts. And these days, it is hard to find that classic old fashioned goodness.

But at Insular Bakery, located in P. Burgos, Makati, they make perfect eggpies with just the right sweetness and milky creaminess of the firm pie filling, and that chewy bottom layer, and crunchy crusty outer rim... and that golden brown top layer... ahhh.. it is a great snack!

Go ahead, take a bite and indulge.

Insular Bakery Ent., Inc.
#5051 P. Burgos Street,
Makati City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: 632-8968222
Fax Number: 632-8908077


  1. If I'm not mistaken, there was an Insular Bakery along J.P. Rizal Ave., cor. Trabajo St., in Makati, many years ago. It's nice to know about this new/other location. That eggpie sure looks delicious.

  2. Doc...bakit ka nangugutom? lol. I remember this being sold in a bakery near our house when I was kid, true, masarap ito. Nakalimutan ko na to but now I remember na hehe.

  3. now that looks yummy! ;)

    how much yung egg pie?

  4. josie, i think it was a different bakery from this one. P. Burgos has been its original site for almost 4 decades. and thru the years, its taste has never changed. deelish!

    giz, alam mo namang high na high ako mag take ng mga food subjects.
    and this eggpie is a favorite. brings back memories kasi eh. lalo pag ganito kasarap.. original ang recipe. not too lemony or too vanilla-ish like the new ones sold in new stores.

    u8mypinkcookies, yumminess talaga! mon and i were ecstatic to receive a box last christmas. it sells for P280/pie daw. reasonably priced na diba. try mo ha. ;-)

  5. I haven't had eggpie in a while. Nakakamiss especially the melt in your mouth type.

  6. Haven't had eggpie in a long time. Its one of my favorite snack.

  7. em dy, insular's has that classic original taste na gusto namin ni mon, unlike some na too lemony, too much ang sweetness. kaka miss talaga.

    photowalker, kami din. lalo na si Mon. he can finish half a pie in a day. hehehe...

  8. Hi!The egg pi looks yummy. I love egg pie too. Thanks for the info :) I'll ask my husband to buy it for me. His office is just near P. Burgos. :)

    Doc, curious lang, what's your specialization? I'm looking for an OB-Gyne:)

  9. saan mismo sa burgos yan? lapit lang ba sa kanto ng makati ave?

  10. orange, i hope your hubby finds Insular bakery. maykatabing 7-11 yan. let me know if you liked it ha.
    my husband and i are into radiology eh, not OB. we do ultrasounds and read xrays etc. imaging part of medicine. let me know if i can help.

    backpacking philippines, it is beside the 7-11 along P. Burgos. walking distance from the church...

  11. My lola's house is near P. Burgos before and yup, we're patrons of Insular Bakery. I miss this one! Memories... :(

  12. thanks, reasonable naman pala. ;)

  13. Mindy, kaka retro talaga. it has the classic taste pa din. the way we all remember it.
    makati girl ka pala? ;-)
    u8mypinkcookies, reasonable talaga. for its taste, mura na.

  14. i have yet to try their egg pie...

  15. cool. ang layo lang sakin pero pwedeng ma-try if madaanan namin sometime. hehe looks so creamy, and the crust and golden brown topping seems perfect!

    ang sarap tignan.. nakakagutom!

  16. u8mypinkcookies, try it when you get the chance. sulit naman eh. ;-)