Friday, January 4, 2008

Museo Pambata

Museo Pambata pleasantly surprised me when we paid a visit. Not only was it very educational for the kids, but also very entertaining and fun.... for young kids, and the young at heart!

History can never be more fun than this. These are found in the Maynila Noon/Old Manila room. Other stuffs to do here are ride the model tranvia, board a Spanish Galleon or step into a miniature cathedral.

These are found in the Bata sa Mundo/Children in the Global Village room. Dolls of children from different parts of the world are seen wearing their national costumes along with other miniatures.

These are found in the Katawan Ko/My Body Works room. Watch your kids have fun in here as they explore and actually step into the wonderful world of the human anatomy.

Your kids will have enjoy these huge scale models of different body parts that emit their body sound when pressed! I did!

For me, this room, the Tuklas/Science Through Discovery room, is one of the most enjoyable ! There is just so much to explore and do in here similar to science experiments.

One favorite area in the museum that was my instant favorite is this corridor lined by artworks hung on both walls created by gifted young Filipino artists.

There is even so much more to explore in the museo. I wish I could share them all.... The Marketplace.... The Craft Room.... The Career Options.... The Environment.... all designed and layed out to be interesting for the kids and kids alike.

(right click on photo to enlarge and see entrance rates)

Give your kids an experience, both fun and educational that is surely worth it and come to Museo Pambata. It is all worth it.

Museo Pambata
Roxas Boulevard, Cor. South Drive, Manila
Tues-Saturday (8 am to 5 pm)
Sunday (1-5 pm)


  1. Hi Sis,

    Nice shots sa Museo Pambata. The wizlets will be happy to see these educational stuffs in December 08.

    Glad to know that you, fader and bros still visit good venues on Sundays.

    All members of ozzie wizardom are checking your blogsite daily for new stuff.


  2. Never been here... thanks for the nice photos.

  3. Never been inside but was in the grounds for a children's party before. Pretty impressive nga.

  4. I can almost swear I see one of your "models" peeking from behind the other dolls!;p

  5. Wizard of Oz, thanks for always dropping by ha...
    we will definitely visit this museum next year! with the whole gang! we are actually scouting the metro for these cool places to visit for december.
    ill try my best to keep the blog as active as i can with interesting stuff. happy new year!

  6. Gay, it was our first time too. though we didnt have any kids with us that time, nag enjoy pa din kami. bumalik kami sa pagkabata! hahaha...

    Em Dy, yea, i wasnt expecting it to be that fun. i hope more improvements and additional features would be added to the museum.

    Ruy, nah. they were too busy in the other rooms having fun. hahaha... try dropping by the museum one time. ;-)

  7. When I visited this place in 2006, it wasn't like this pa. Actually, it was undergoing some refurbishing. I didn't imagine it to be like this now. Want to visit it again soon. Thanks for these nice pics, Gita. :)

  8. i always see it there but di ko pa na-visit. reminds me of science centrum dati. will try to visit someday

  9. rhodora, i was quite pleasantly surprised actually when we visited. maganda pala. i just hope they would be able to maintain the place well. siguro naman.

    philippine dragonfly, uy, where is Science Centrum? di ko ata alam yun a... what im more familiar with and never have visited til now is the Planetarium... ;-)
    thanks for flying by, Tutubi.

  10. This is really a wonderful museum for both kids and adults alike.

    I like the lay-out of your photos. Very creative :)

  11. ito ang thesis namin... galing nakakatuwa maglibot sa loob.. ^_^

  12. SenorE, i really recommend this to friends. a must place to take their kids to.
    thanks... ;-)

    mimi, korek ka dyan... ako ang nag enjoy inside during our visit! parang bata! isip bata! hahaha...

  13. Thanks for dropping by at Museo Pambata. Do come on weekends, we have storytelling sessions, Anino shadowplay, and many more.

    On April 22, join us for Earth Defenders, our Earth Day festival at the Museo. We have various workstations on recycling, arts and scraps, film showing and much much more. a miniconcert will follow later in the afternoon. check our website for more activites at

    Again thank you and hope to see you and your family at the museum soon!

  14. maricel, thanks for the info sis. will try to go. and if we cant, at least ill try to help spread the word... ;-)

  15. Hi. How much is the entrance for this?

  16. shalum, very affordable sha... regular price is P60, then P40 for senior citizens, tapos 50% off for manila residents.

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  18. never been there at the museo pambata,nice pix,,,