Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ebi Fry

I didn't know that making ebi fry was this easy! Had I learned this a long time ago, I wouldn't have spent so much ordering this in restaurants at sky high prices, when I could make it right in my own kitchen, fresh, fast and delicious! Not to mention that enjoying this at home assures that there is more than enough for everybody! Hindi bitin!

Seven huge pieces of prawns.... japanese bread crumbs.... all purpose flour seasoned with salt and pepper to taste....

.... and an egg... which Yotsuba thought was a toy!

It was really simple.... dredge in flour... dip in egg.... roll in bread crumbs... back to the egg, rolled a second time in the breadcrumbs... deep fried.... and voila!

I proudly present, my very own ebi fry! Crunchy, flavorful and very delicious! We had different dips with it ... chili garlic sauce , catsup, japanese mayonnaise & mayo magic. My personal choice... mayo magic.

I just know Mon and I are never ordering this in restaurants anymore.


  1. kung di lang ako allergy sa shrimp.. sa pusit.. sa kalamares.. sarap sarap pa naman sana.

    cute talaga ng dolls!! ano pong site ung inoorderan nyo online?

  2. That looks yummy, doc! And I love the way Yotsuba "played" with the egg hahaha. I noticed that you can bend her arms/legs and change the positions... is this a new line of dolls?

  3. P.S. Try marinating the prawns in salt and calamansi juice for a few hours before frying. It would add a little kick to the taste. :-)

  4. aside from the lovely ebi fry, i love the way you make your dolls move... great pics... :)

  5. Hehe! Wow!!!! Parang restaurant food! Congrats!:)

  6. mimi, im bad.. pag may alleriges ako sa food, i take an anti allergy pill before eating para join ako sa pag lafang. hahaha... tigas ulo no!
    naku, im not sure sa website... join lang ako sa bayaw ko when he orders his dolls e. he does the ordering for us... but ill try to ask him...

    mochi08, you guessed it right. iba si yotsuba... movable nga ang joints nya... she is not a pinky doll. but she is just as adorable diba. paran gang kulet..
    next time, ill try the salt and calamnsi twist to the marinade. thanks for the tip.

    mikky, thanks so much. glad you like my little dolls... thanks for dropping by...

    shalum, inarrange ko lang yan para presentable. hehehe... nakachamba lang na masarap ang kinalabasan... thanks for passing by...

  7. Wow,it looks so appetizing! That's the thing really, pag alam mo na kung paano iluto, no need to order in restos!

  8. looooooks great... yummy!!!

  9. gay, naku, korek ka dyan... nothing beats homecooked meals diba!

    gourmandtales, im really proud of the way my ebi fry turned out! chamba! hahaha....

  10. thanks for tips gitz.
    i like the doll playing with egg.

  11. penumbra, try it. really easy and filling. bobong will like it, im sure.
    ..... meet yotsuba, she is the newest in my collection.

  12. WOOOOOOW :( kaso kasi mahal ang shrimp. Pero next time I shall try this :D