Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak

My first visit to Trinoma was to have lunch at The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak. I read somewhere that Pepper Steak is the local version of the more popular Pepper Lunch franchise at Rockwell.

Bright and modern woodsy interiors .... the tables are quite small... I felt like the people at the next table could hear every word we were saying...

Service could be a bit faster. Good thing they had flat teevee screens hanging on the walls where watched watch clips of how to fully cook your food when your order comes. It kept us from getting bored during the wait.
Asuka and Moe in yukata watched and posed... and read. They were excited to get their orders too.

My hubby had the seafood pepper rice... it could use more seafood...

The rest of us had the classic beef pepper rice. When our orders came, it was time to put to practice what we watched on tv.

I cooked mine until my desired doneness was reached. Then I poured more of the the special sauce they had.... and enjoyed my lunch!

It was fun to eat at Pepper steak. Though the food itself wasn't all that spectacular, the novelty was.


  1. I tried their branch at Promenade; was not impressed too. I have yet to try Pepper Lunch at Rockwell. They're opening another branch in Shang on December though; will definitely check that one out.

  2. em dy, ako din. i havent tried Pepper Lunch yet, though ive heard so much raves about it.
    fun to eat lang at Pepper Steak no. exciting kasi the part where you get to finish cooking your food right on your sizzling plate.
    but for the price, ok na din. i think it is way cheaper than Pepper Lunch.

  3. The hot plate is brought in really hot ba? Where do you park the meat when you do not want it to be overdone? This is a shade like the Korean bbq resto here where there's a grill in the middle of your dining table; you pick up the assorted raw meats, fishes, veggie, etc. buffet style and grill them at your table.

    It is a fun do-it-yourself resto! Kaya lang pagkatapos ninyong kumain amoy usok na kayong lahat if the resto ventilation is not adequate LOL.

  4. you will love Pepper Lunch. Try it in Shang when it opens!

  5. bertN, the hot plates are really really hot. so one has to be ultra careful in handling them.
    when cooking the food, i just put my meats on the mound of rice when theyre done. that way, they wont get overcooked.
    ya, we have those pan grilling restaurants here too. it is a lot more expensive than Pepper Steak but there are a whole lot more choices on the menu. try Tong Yang when you come for a visit.

    chuvaness, i think i will. i have read so many raves about this PL and i cant wait to try it. baka nga sa Shang na lang. we dont frequent rockwell kasi eh.

  6. ang cute ng toys.. saan ko po sila makikita / mabibili?

  7. mimi, hahaha.. agaw eksena talaga ang dolls... sila ang napansin mo and not the food! ;-)
    anyway, i buy them sa greenhills, dun sa Special Toy Center. some are available online. ive bought a couple of dolls online... get one. youll have fun with her for sure. ;-)

  8. tried this too and napansin nga namin na medyo mabagal ang service.

    aliw yung DIY na pagluluto at paglagay ng sauce hehe :P

  9. princess_dyanie, medyo slow nga diba...
    novelty talaga ang selling point ng DIY nila... part of the reason why this types of restaus clicked and not just the taste. ;-)