Sunday, October 26, 2008

Movie Night: For The First Time

I was finally able to watch this on DVD the other night. When this opened in theaters, I had a hard time deciding whether I would watch it or just wait until the DVD comes out.... and after seeing this the other night, I was so glad I opted to wait!

I can't help but compare this to Sarah Geronimo's "A Very Special Love" which I just recently saw too, since both were produced by Star Cinema, both were youth oriented, both were launching movies of the female leads, both featured new love team-ups, both were love stories. But their similarities end there. This movie was everything that "A Very Special Love" wasn't.

The story itself is a mess, with too much conflict going on with the leading female character. The script was so poorly written. The acting was pityful... attempts at coming on naturally made their performances even more feigned, forced and studied.

For me, nothing saved the day for this movie. Not the beginning, definitely not the middle, and most certainly not the ending. Maybe they should have kept the story really simple and light. Even for just fifty bucks, I still felt shortchanged.


  1. Hay naku, buti na lang di ko inaksaya oras ko sa movie na ito. Pang fans lang talaga ang mga ganitong movies, walang quality...gusto lang pagbigyan ang mga fans para magkatambal si Richard at KC...Buti na lang di nila ako fan....heheheh

  2. Hay naku ate,napanood ko din to sa dvd and I totally as in totally agree sa lahat ng sinabi mo. this movie is a waste of money. :(

  3. Gita! The script was freely edited by KC and Richard without the consent of the scriptwriter - pansin mo in the middle of the movie parang 'teka ano nga ba ang nangyayari?' hahaha!! it was truly a mess, but it was nice watching KC and Richard on screen. Super badtrip nga the scriptwriter kasi the duo ruined a perfectly good script! Hindi kasi kasama si scriptwriter sa Santorini eh! It was just Direk Joyce (I love her pa naman, nasayang tuloy sha!)

  4. Hi! I haven't seen this yet, but I had a feeling it would be just like the way you described it. As for the Santorini shots, maybe I'll just view those on the net :)Hehe

  5. same from what i have heard, such a mess! mas gusto ko pa yung "a very special love" because of JLC. hehehe!

  6. dennis, oo nga. baka nga ultimo fans eh hindi nag enjoy eh. ;-)

    lemonandmint, korek. waste of money and waste of time. iba na lang sana pinanood ko that night.

    candishhh, a ganon pala. they shouldnt have messed with the script. for sure, maganda ang original. sayang the material no?!!

    shalum, tama ka. sa internet na lang nag Santorini sightseeing natin. ;-)

    syel, oh yea, i loved that movie! twas fun and light. a million times better than FTFT indeed! suprise hit nga, actually, diba! ;-)

  7. "too much conflict going on"...hahaha i like the description. glad have not watched it pa.

  8. turtle, naku, i wish i had something nice to say about this movie... wala talaga ako mahugot, joy. i always thought pa naman that i was so easy to please pagdating sa mga movies. ;-)

  9. Haha. Baka magalit si Annabelle sa iyo. Oh and Sharon too! :)

    But I agree, there was nothing good about this movie. Masyadong hype for nothing.

  10. ang pangit pa ay over sa advertise ang abs-cbn. nakuuu. it's all icing, no cupcake, sabi nga nila.

  11. Erica, hahaha, magalit na sila kung gusto nila. eh sa my mom told me never to lie eh. hahaha...

    Weyn, korek! puro hype.. puro press release lang pala...
    poor launching movie for KC... sayang...
    icing? the icing wasnt even good! hehehe.. ;)