Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It was a hot day when I saw this cold bottle of Vitwater at a small sari sari store on my way home from work. The bright color caught my eye... the "It's water + fat-burning" phrase on the label made me grab a bottle!

There are a lot of bottled drinks coming out in the market lately. A lot of promises, a lot of labels, a lot of tables and percentages and calorie counts or discounts to check.

I finished a bottle in one sitting. It wasn't bad. Though I wasn't expecting it to be that sweet. Not much of a thirst quencher. I would have wanted it a bit more bland.


  1. Uso na rin pala diyan ang vitamin water... how much is a bottle, doc? And I wonder if it really works.

  2. Hi Doc, this looks interesting...Mukhang panglaban sa Gatorade ah hehehe...Ang galing nung mga pictures, pwede na sa official advertisement nito, talagang na-capture yung pagiging ice-cold...you have a very good camera...pati yung ibang mga pictures mo ng food, masasarap tingnan...
    Nauuhaw naman ako ngayun dahil dito hehehehe

  3. mochi08, yea, dami na din nyan dito.. flavored water.. energy drinks.. all sorts of drinks.
    about P16/bottle ata... do they work? hindi ko din alam. hahaha.. i just like the colors and the taste... ;-)

    thanks, dennis. naku, point and shoot lang yan. pang quick snaps lang.
    i took these photos soon as i got home. kaya may moisture. chamba, hahaha..
    mas mura to sa gatorade but i like gatorade more. mas may thirst quenching effect ang gatorade for me eh. ;-)

  4. Grabe ang daming variations ng water sa Manila ha. Gulat ako when I came home. :)

    ericaberica :)

  5. di ko pa na-taste ito, gitz. will try.

  6. erica, hi sis! glad to see you here.. thanks for visiting.
    naku, there are lots of water products na here in the market diba. lots to choose from. but for me, plain water is still the best.

    joy, medyo too sweet sha eh. pero masarap naman. i like gatorade more, though. ;-)

  7. na try ko rin to last week... it's like a

    "water sprinkled with cool aid"...


  8. mimi, medyo sweet nga na parang juice no? sana less tamis sha. pero masarap naman.
    i still prefer the carbonated ones... yung parang sparkling na bubbly na very lightly sweetened lang.