Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Photofunia! (Part III)

And finally, our photos together... celebrities in our way... the Photofunia way!


  1. You and your hubby are a lovely couple...D
    The pictures look so real..excellent idea.I'd like to try one for myself :)

  2. this is so popular now, right? hehe.
    wonderful pics :)

  3. hey, looks like fun... you guys look good to be up there... :)

  4. Hi Doc Gita,

    LTNH...kumusta na! No takers? Had fun with it today. You two look great in those frames. Wow! dami mo ng fans. galeng na d fotos! regards. joe

  5. The best one is topmost, with Mon and you.

    thanks for sharing, will go to their site.

  6. dennis, thanks.
    im sure youll have tons of fun at

    shalum, thanks. twas fun.

    mikky, hahaha.. feeling star o! :-) yea, twas a lot of fun talaga. try it!

    joe, hey! tagal mo nawala. :-) akala ko you stopped blogging na...
    anyway, thanks. glad you like the photos. and you did have lots of fun at photofunia, didnt you?!!
    oh, ive met quite a number of these friendly and kind people thru blogging and i feel so blessed to be their online "buddy" too. drop by their blogs too. you'll enjoy reading theirs too.

    mimi, try mo na, dali. enjoy yan. promise. ;-)

    bertN, thanks. kaw din.. have fun!

  7. Ah ito pala pinagkukuhanan nung mga nakikita ko sa Friendster. :)

    Nice pics. :)

  8. coolness ang photos! galeng galeng!

  9. May pi nost akong comment, nawala! :D

  10. u8mypinkcookies, thanks. i enjoyed this as much as i enjoy taking foodshots. hahaha..

    erica, i saw this din lang online... went to the link and made my own. fun talaga!

    syel, try it sis. mag eenjoy ka din dyan for sure. easy to use. pick your photo lang.. ganun. hehehe..

  11. Thank you very much - photofunia is really nice site. One more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 150 funny photo templates.