Sunday, November 16, 2008

Savory: The Classic Chicken

I grew up knowing only three chicken houses in the Metro... Max's... Aristocrat... and yes, Savory! And it is great to note that all three have stood the test of time and are still very much around today.

And now, even my old time favorites have invaded the malls as well! We were happy to find Savory restaurant right in Mall of Asia.

Although the interiors was bright and cheerful, it was a bit cramped and crowded so we just opted to order to-go.

I like their fold-up box for take-out orders.

Every bite off this chicken was like a blast from the past... same old taste, same old chicken goodness we have grown to love about Savory.

... same old gravy/sauce...

The pancit canton was the perfect partner for the chicken... it was some dinner we had that night!

What are you waiting for! Grab that leg and enjoy!


  1. there is Savory in Timog. Great photos you have there Gitz.

  2. The Savory chicken I remember is the one that used to be (or is it still there?)in Escolta. I love to be "blasted from the past" with this chicken but I do not know any place in Southern California where I can feast on it.

  3. I love Savory chicken!!! Dun kami lagi bumibili sa Binondo branch. Thanks for blogging about it, Doc! Yung pic mo ng manok, perfect! Halos naaamoy ko na from my computer screen hehehe.

  4. there is one in timog, i am glad. great shots you have there gitz especially the whole chick in lateral view.

  5. Hello Doc, giving myself craving in the wee hours of the morning by dropping here hehe.

    I miss our roasted chicken, and other chicken-pinoy cooked style...if I get the chance to have a business here, I'd have one like this!

  6. oh yes, this is an old favorite... so nice to have them in a more convenient location... :)

  7. syel, kaya dont forget to visit a branch pag bakashon mo dito...

    turtle, thanks. i didnt know na meron pala sa Timog. yung sa may Jones bridge lang ang alam kong meron eh.

    bertN, is this the one by the foot of Jones Bridge? im not sure either kung andun pa... siguro naman... yea, they should open up a branch there in Southern cal.... we were able to try Ling Nam in Vacaville the last time we went there... and Savory deserves its own franchise din dapat! way better than Luk Yuen! hehehe...

    turtle, thanks. food is always delightful to shoot at. they always look good. galing mag pose. thanks, joy.

    mirage2g, uy! first outlet of Savory dyan sa vienna! why not!

    mikky, really convenient diba... from the time we discovered it in MOA, we've visited it twice na. ;-)

  8. mochi08, sarap diba!
    thanks ha. sa sobrang sarap ng Savory chix, picture pa lang, ulam na! hahaha.. ;-)

  9. nakakagutom! :D

  10. shalum, filipino favorite talaga diba... parang maxs and aristocrat din. orig na pinoy (kahit chinese style cooking sha. hahaha)!

    u8mypinkcookies, love ko talaga mag shoot ng food eh... the more mouthwatering the shot is, the better... ;-)

  11. Wow, Savory! I knew you will post about Savory, the best Fried Chicken I've ever tasted! The Pancit Canton is very delicious too, and I always couple it with a fresh monay! Sarap! The photos are always beautiful, Doc!

  12. princess_dyanie, you will love it. try mo.

    Dennis, thanks. savory is really one of the best chicken treats no!