Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jag Studio Online

This is truly amazing.... it is called the Jag Studio.... it truly is like going to a real photoshoot and making your own portfolio! It is an online photoshoot with Marian Rivera or Will Devaughn for Jag...

Take their photos as they pose and model for you! Watch them move and play with the camera while you shoot at their every turn and pose! Really, what can be more amazing than that!

But the fun doesn't stop there. See your actual proofs and shots.... choose your prized ones and layout your portfolio just the way you want to... and voila! Your own Jag Black Book!

Here are screenshots of my book... and here is the link to my actual online Jag Black Book...

... the book cover...

.... my first page .... i even got to add my photo and name on the page ...

Two pages that I did the actual layout by choosing from among the shots I did!

I got to choose my Centerfold...

... and my last page with credits from Jag....

.... back cover of my black book....

This site is surely one of the coolest I've ever tried! All amateur photogrpahers out there will surely love this! It is one awesome online experience for me!
P.S. I gotta get myself a pair of Jag soon! Jag rules!


  1. hallo Gitz thanks for sharing this. i tried. i like the sound of the shutter.

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  2. turtle, i had so much fun with it. alam mo naman, frustrated litratista tayo diba.. hehehe.
    thanks for shraing link. i think ill enjoy it too, joy.

  3. cool un mga close up.. ganda pati portrait... ^_^

  4. mimi, i enjoyed this immensely. para kasi shang totoong photoshoot... a dream come true for the frustrated photographer in me. ;-)