Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manila Post Office

I have to admit, this was my first time to step into the Manila Post Office building in Lawton. And it was an amazing trip for me that day to be right inside the national landmark that I have admired only from afar.

... massive walls and pillars.... superb architecture.... high ceilings... intricate interior design.. wide spaces and corridors... it was awesome! A work of art, indeed!

An information booth greets you at the entrance.

Even the view from the inside looking out was just overwhelming for me that I had to shoot my camera away!

I wasn't quite impressed with this new addition to the structure though. But I took shots anyway...

Definitely, the Manila Post Office is one of the structures that the country should be proud of. It is landmarks like this that we should cherish as part of our national heritage. Let us love it and preserve it.


  1. thanks for including this here. frequented this building when we were in PG to send letters home. i like the building too.

  2. Wow, I've never seen the Manila Post Office before in such beautiful photography! Nice colors and angle shots. I couldn't believe you are shooting with a digicam.

  3. ako doc, college days ko medyo malapit sa post office but i never had the chance to go there. and i agree maganda architecture ng building. ganda ng pics!

  4. mikky, thanks so much. glad you like it.

    turtle, great work of art diba...
    until now, i have yet to master the art of sending mail via air.

    dennis, thanks so much for the kind words..

    syel, first time ko din yan eh. and until now, hindi ako halos marunong mag hulog ng sulat... ;-)

  5. nice photos. we should maintain these buildings well because they are part of our pre-war architecture.

  6. oliver, we really should. it is one our priced historical landmarks. thanks for dropping by!

  7. i love this place... college days,... noon nasa loob pa ako ng intramuros.. ^_^

  8. mimi, nice place no! very historical pa. those were the days no! parang kelan lang...

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