Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nestle Creamery

This used to be Magnolia Ice Cream House in the '70s along Aurora Bouleverad. I remember enjoying a field trip here when I was in grade school decades ago. And now, they call this Nestle Creamery. I don't quite remember anymore how this looked when I was young, but I surely like how it looks now, with its bright and colorful interiors... huge tables... and their famous frozen marble slab where different ice cream creations are magically made right before your eyes.

This was the simplest treat we had... but it definitely wasn't simple in taste.... don't let its looks fool you... it is not a cake, it is not a baked treat... all that is mango ice cream topped with more mangoes and more cream... an ice cream pie!

My hubby ordered this... we watched how his choice of ice cream and add-ins got mixed and blended right on that cold marble slab...

....into this!

We tried this colorful concoction... something kids would have fun eating.

.... too cute to eat!

I watched excitedly as my order was being prepared... it was awesome to see how a scoop of ice cream can get dressed up and decorated until it is ready for the party!

It can't get any prettier than this!

We will definitely be back for more. And maybe next time, we'll try the rice dishes and other non-dairy items on the menu.
Everyone with a sweet tooth will surely have a blast at Nestle Creamy... young and old!


  1. My son ordered that same donut ice cream whatever the last time we were there. Ang daming matatamis!!! Heaven!

    But I still love the old Magnolia Ice Cream House than this.

    I love their spaghetti.

  2. mindy, naku, grabe, sugar overload talaga... kaya nga rice meals na lang muna next time. and probably just a bare scoop of ice cream. :-) price is a bit steep though ha... :-(
    i dont quite remember how the old ice cream house was. yung field trip lang sa factory ang natatandaan ko. ;-)

  3. Wow, my goodness, your food photography is outstanding! I wish I were as good as you!


  4. dennis, thanks. youre way too kind. :-)

  5. Superb photography! Na-excite tuloy ako kumain ng ice cream hehehe. Can't wait to try this when I visit Pinas next year!

  6. mochi08thanks ha.
    do try this ice cream house when you come. lots to try there.

  7. been there, and you'll be amazed at the improvements they made... but i still miss the old magnolia house... :)

  8. mikky, a great dairy experience diba... ;-)

  9. hi! looks like it's a really happy place!!:) thanks for sharing!

  10. Did I just see donut cut in half and filled with ice cream!

    When I was in high school one of my gustatory thrill was to order from an itinerant ice cream vendor to fill a bun with ice cream of different flavors. And I thought I was living dangerously...dangerously out of alowance for the rest of the week LOL. The ice cream filled donut is very tempting but I will be living more dangerously if I try one, my wife will probably beat me on the head with a "sandok" LOL. Tell me it is worth it.

  11. too bad nestles ice cream is not as delicious as magnolia or FIC.. but i love the concept of their resto

  12. sobrang nakakagutom at nakakamiss na ice cream! salivating na ako dito. i'll go here pag-uwi ko! love your pictures doc! pang ads na talaga!

  13. shalum, yes, it is. the kids will love it there. a great dating place too. ;)

    bertn, hahaha, i dont think your wife would hit you with a sandok over this...

    gourmandtales, me too. i prefer magnolia to nestle... the restau is really unique in concept.

    syel, thanks. try mo to. a different dairy experience... kelan bakashon mo? let us know ha.. malay we can meet up. ;)

  14. amen.. sa may mga sweet tooth! ^_^

  15. mimi, at para sa mga wlang diabetes... ;-)