Monday, February 9, 2009


Let me be clear on this... I do not use this product, neither am I selling. But I have read and heard so much rave about it that I am getting kinda curious... yes, maybe even curious enough to try this.

Each capsule claims to have this much vitamins, minerals, fruits and even vegetable nutrients within. From the list below, it is pretty impressive, if you ask me.

I am buying a few packs for myself and my mom.... and I hope it lives up to its name and its promise.


  1. What does it do sis? Pampasigla ba? Pampagana?

  2. mindy, i havent tried din sis, pero some attest to its efficacy. their bowel movements is more regular daw, they feel stronger, they sleep better... parang overall well being. it might be good for your recovery from your procedure... teka, how are you na nga pala? been trying to email you kaso ayaw mag work ng email mo. my letters kept coming back.
    how was your procedure? tapos na?