Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Ribbon's S'mores Chocolate Cake

I treated myself to a sugar fix at Red Ribbon yesterday afternoon while waiting for my hubby to get off from work. From the choices available that day, I decided to get a slice of the their S'more Chocolate Cake .

This was my not so perfectly sliced S'mores chocolate cake.... topped with chocolate squares, dollop of cream icing, and a generous spread of caramel...

..... moist chocolate cake, then a layer of soft gooey marshmallow, followed by a layer of grahams, then again followed by one more layer of marshmallow then finished off with the bottom layer of the same moist chocolate cake....

I wish it were a little less sweet... and the graham more chewy soft. I had a little difficulty cutting thru the slice to get a perfect bite because the graham layer was a bit tough.... my solution, I rolled the slice on its side!

It may not be my favorite Red Ribbon cake but I like the way the different textures meld in my mouth with each bite...


  1. hmm.. di korin po sya first choice.. kasi di sya masyado matamis.. pero matamis parin.. ^_^

    na tuwa ako sa mallows, curious ako panu nila gawa ang ganun kalapad na mallows.. perfect na perfect...

  2. mimi, i agree.. weird ang tamis nya, may layer kasi siguro na not sweet, tapos may layer na sweet. kaya sweet na hindi. hahaha...

    ang kunat nung graham layer ko... ang hirap i-cut ng slice... sana softer ang layer para hindi madurog ang slice...

  3. delicious looking! parang ang sarap ng textures nito. blueberry cheesecake pa din fave ko from red ribbon :D

  4. Tumataas tuloy ang blood sugar ko katitingin sa Red Ribbon cake na yan!

  5. Hanggang tingin na lang ako! diet na kasi ako, no more sweets waaaa.

  6. ay oo nga, mukha nga syang matamis!! but the graham part looks good :)

  7. yaay! Kahit matamis pakidhl na lang dito doc...haha I still favor our cakes that the bland they hve here.

    Doc, pano ba magimport ng blogger sa fb with photos? Thanks!

  8. I have yet to try this flavor because for some reason, they're always out when I go to Red Ribbon.

    My fave cake from Red Ribbon is their Chocolate Mousse.

  9. syel, oo naman! blueberry cheesecake tops my list pa din... at saka yung Dulce De Leche... yummeeee!

    bertN, ahahaha, marami pang susunod na pampataas ng azucar! lagot! ;-)

    michelle, dibale, sis, safe naman tumingin. hihihi..

    u8mypinkcookies, naku, actually for me, it is the graham part na medyo makunat... i had a hard time cutting thru my slice... ang tigas nya... plus too sweet nga..

    giz, sorry for late reply ha... anyway, to post my blog entry sa FB, i just use the Add/Post Link tab sa may profile heading... then i type the address ng blog entry. i hope this helps...

    mikky, belated happy heart's day greeting to you!

    gwacie, yup, their choco mousse is on my top three list din... ;-)

  10. ang yummy looking naman, kahit too sweet for my taste buds, i'm salivating for some cake all day long now, and then I see your blog entry.

    *i need to have some cake!* :)

  11. Madz, hahaha.. it is perfectly alright to indulge sometimes. ;-)
    find me at GT... im sis Bugs... ;-)