Monday, February 16, 2009

VFP Museum

It is a War Museum right in the hear of Taguig City. It was my father in law who read about this and wanted to see what the museum is all about. Although it was quite difficult to find, we were able to find our way thru the narrow and winding roads by asking around for directions.

.... the lobby with its impressive murals... the center of the museum is the wide display of World War II ammunitions...

The many dioramas on the second floor take you back in time...

... plus a photo gallery... a film showing... books, documents and newspaper clippings.... the museum is a must-see for our youth for them to get a clearer grasp of what our forefathers have fought for.


  1. interesting, i've never heard of this museum. ask ko lang doc, VFP stands for? ang ganda ng museum ha!

  2. syel, ay sorry, di ko pala naisulat.. my mistake... VFP stands for Veterans Federation of the Philippines...
    maganda ang museum.. pero kainis lang, since we were just 4 when we visited that sunday, they didnt turn on the airconditioning dun sa may mga dioramas.. kainis...
    pero sa photo gallery room, and sa audiovisual room, aircon naman...

  3. dapat dinadala jan mga kids from school.. tapos may magaling guide... ^_^ sarap talaga un ganun na trip.. hand on learning talaga..

  4. mimi, madami naman daw pumpunta dun. field trips nga ng schools. kaya lang, ang hirap talagang hanapin. sana sa mas accessible na area in Taguig nila nilagay.... nakakaligaw eh. :-(

  5. Is the Veterans Federation of the Philippines funding the museum without financial assistance from other sources? It looked impressive.

  6. Ganda naman! Thanks for sharing! And you are lucky they allowed you to take photos!

  7. bertN, im not quite sure if the VFP is funding the museum. i hope it is so that the museum could be maintained well. yes, it is quite impressive.

    INKBLOTS, your'e welcome. happy to share. i think they really allow photo shoots inside. but we asked permission before we started snapping away.