Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My mom used to teach in Chiang Kai Shiek College so we were introduced to tikoy very early on in life. I don't recall any year in my youth when we didn't have piles and piles and more piles of these red boxes at home reaching as high up as our ceiling literally whenever the Chinese New Year came.

It has been quite a while now since my mom retired from teaching that we got to enjoy tikoy the way we used to.
We prefer the brown one to the white one... this is smoother and creamier and a bit sweeter. Maybe it's just me...

Sliced thinly, dipped in egg and then pan fried in little oil is the only way I know to cook tikoy. Though I have read other ways of preparing this treat, I still prefer our way which i find simpler and easier... faster, too.

Still, it is better to be late than never... Happy Chinese New year to one and all!


  1. my second year celebrating CNY without the tikoy...mas masarap nga ang brown, i prefer it over the white one too. have you tried the different varieties of tikoy being sold? meron na din mga ube diba?

  2. Back in highschool, our 2ndyr homeroom teacher brings tikoy cooked like that in class, she would give me some knowing that I like it...kaya tuloy come graduation eh isang box ang gift nya sakin lol...miss those!

  3. sis nakakagutom naman yan! masarap talaga ang tikoy hehe... btw chekwa ba kayo? mom mo dating teacher sa Chang Kai, me naman galing Kiao Tiong (PCHS-Annex).. hehe wala lang.

  4. not so fond of tikoy! hehe mas gusto ko yung tikoy rolls na.. ready to eat tapos may mongo or peanut filling :D

  5. Hmmmm, dip in egg? I only pan fry it and it is good enough for me. Maybe, it is better with egg. I'll try it next time.

  6. Tikoy!

    Tagal ko nang hindi nakakakain nyan. Now, I want one.

  7. share ko lang.. nakita ko online e! cooking tikoy w/ a twist :)


  8. syel, i see them around. iba ibang flavors. havent tried any. loyal ako dito sa brown eh. ;-)

    giz, o diba, it brings back good old memories! :-)

    michelle, nope, singkit lang ako pero di kami chinese. english ang tinuturo ng mama nung araw. ikaw, chinese pala??!!!

    u8mypinkcookies, for quick fixes and pag tamad ako mag cook, and for all year round treats, ok yung EngBeeTin tikoy rolls diba. pero pag CNY, nagluluto pa din kami. nakikiuso. hihihi...

    bertN, try mo next time. may extra egg-y taste. masarap din.

    dyosa, luto na, dali!

    u8mhypinkcookies, ah, thats mikky's blog diba? yup, i visit her blog regularly, too. and i saw her tikoy version with lanka. naku, parang mahirap gawin. maybe next year. pero ang sara nun diba? :-)
    thanks for sharing that, sis.