Friday, February 6, 2009


A trip to Power Books last Christmas rewarded me with these little bookmarkers that make my reading hobby even more interesting and colorful.

Gone are the days when my bookmarkers fell off the pages of the books they were supposed to mark! Now, with these cool innovative "paper clip" designs, bookmarkers do their jobs better. They grip the page as tight as they can... No falling off!

Another design that is new to me is the magnetic type.

The instructions say it all.

This is a little bit tricky to use but easy to learn and get used to. The magnetic type of bookmarker doesn't have parts jutting out of the book. Neat.

Everyone has a favorite bookmarker. This is mine.


  1. ang cute! mas oks to kesa sa neon post it na gamit ko.. hehe.. nililipad pag sa jeep ako nagbabasa...

  2. mimi, korek! laging natatanggal diba... at least ito, kahit nasa bag ang book or gumulong gulong sa floor, nakakapit pa din si bookmark. cool!

  3. The hippo bookmarker is so cute!

  4. wiggletoes, cute no! dami pang ibang characters dun... and theyre not pricey... abot kaya. ;-)

  5. those are cutie bookmarkers, for sure kids will enjoy reading ;).. i will like most the magnetic type.

  6. so cute! does powerbooks sell these? i just use calling cards, receipts, etc as bookmarks kasi eh. :)

    i enjoy this post. i will definitely be back again soon.

  7. i was supposed to buy these when i was on vacation as pasalubong, ganda k'se but i changed my mind last minute. i regret it now, ganda talaga eh!

  8. michelle, ako, yung made of popsicle sticks pa din na cheap ang favorite ko. hehehe... ewan ko, nakasanayan lang siguro. hahaha...

    reena, yes, fully booked and power books have them. lots of designs to choose from pa.
    thanks for dropping by, reena....

    syel, sayang, ok nga sila for pasalubong diba... dibale, youll have other bakashons pa naman. ;-)