Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almon Marina at Festival Mall

It was with much excitement that I got to visit Almon Marina again after a very very long time. We missed the good food, the cool interiors and the cozy ambiance....

At their Festival Mall branch, the interiors have modernized a bit... but still comfy and easeful and bright.

Orders are served after placing them at the counter...

The food was still presented in very appetizing ways...

(beef rib plate)

(Fish and chips plate )

Unfortunately, although my food (my beef rib) tasted the same, their meat was really really tough and difficult to cut thru, like it was cooked frozen... even M's who tried their Fish and fries for the first time said it wasn't anything special.... I was so disappointed with our meal....

Maybe it was just the branch, I don't know..... but I don't think we would be coming back to Almon Marina for another long time.


  1. Their ceasar salad is one of the best I have had. :)

    And their soups are great!

  2. medyo na-burn nga yata ang beef ribs mo doc. buti na lang you're really good with taking pictures kaya muka pa din syang masarap! :D

  3. erica, yea, maybe i should have stuck with their salads/sandwiches... very disappointing talaga the beef rib i had... last time i had this rib, the meat was very tender and really had that "falling off the bone" goodness... oh well...

    syel, thanks. at least appetizing pa din diba... ;-)

  4. i like their sandwiches before.. but i haven't been here for quite a long time na so i dunno if it still tastes the same..

  5. Notwithstanding what you said about your disapointment with your meal, masarap pa ring tingnan ang kinain ninyo. Photogenic siguro kasi. Just teasing to get you started on a good weekend.

  6. you're from south din pla. i live nearby festival but never had a chance to eat here...

  7. u8mypinkcookies, yea, their sandwiches and salads are good nga.... havent tried them in a while din eh... sana they havent changed.

    bertN, the photographs more than made up for the quite disappointing meal...;-)

    princess_dyanie, oh, so paranaque ka din? small world ano! maybe we can meet up with the rest of the pque bloggers one of these days... malay natin diba!

  8. sana nga.. we'll dapat they'll open a branch in Glorietta 5 para mas accessible pag nasa Makati. nakakatamad kasi if dayo pa sa Greenbelt e :P

  9. u8mypinkcookies, im not sure kung meron pa sa makati... we used to dine sa makati branch, dun sa ground floor ng parking ng Landmark... kahilera sha ng red ribbon and goldilock, i think. meron pa kaya dun?

  10. try their MOA branch.
    I kept on coming back there dunno why...and it's all for their beef ribs. Meat isnt tough naman but of course not as tender as you could have in steak houses.

  11. doc, wala na yun. that's their park square branch e. yun yung part na may sumabog in glorietta before.. tapos sinara na nila yung park square area na yun.

  12. anonymous, siguro sa MOA branch na nga lang. havent tried it there... thanks for recomm.

    biancs, sinara na pala yun.. sayang, childhood memories ko pa naman yun.
    sa festival mall, out na talaga yun.