Thursday, February 19, 2009

David's Tea House

We felt like having Chinese food that Sunday in MOA so we decided to try David's Tea House. The interiors was brightly lit and brightly colored, and, naturally, with a lot of Chinese accents.

Service was commendable... fast ... not missing a single order or drink. I wish I could say the same, though, about the food. We ordered several dishes good for the four of us.

.. the spinach soup...

Tofu -something....

....yang chow fried rice.... always a mainstay at our table whenever we go Chinese...

... noodles and chicken...

The dishes were served hot and were filling... but there probably was just too much MSG in them that they all tasted the same to me... everything was just malinamnam that I couldn't tell one from the other...
After the meal, I was not sure if I could call it luck that despite the huge crowd that weekend in MOA, we were able to get a table.
Will we be back at David's? Hmmmm, maybe not for a long while.


  1. mukang delicious lahat doc ah! medyo umay na nga lang ako ng konti sa chinese dish. and yep, medyo ma-msg nga sila. h

  2. david's not bad, but not great either... and btw, i love your VFP Museum tour, so much to see and learn... thanks for the tour... :)

  3. sye, exactly, nakakaumay ang luto nila. everything tastes good naman. pero after a while, parang sa sobrang msg, pare pareho na ang lasa nila! hehehe..

    mikky, yes, i agree. i wouldnt go craving for it.
    yea, we enjoyed our VFP trekk, too. youre welcome.

  4. gourmandtales, yup. good naman... ma msg nga lang... but yes, good eats.