Sunday, February 22, 2009


I wasn't planning on blogging tonight but I couldn't help but shoot and write about this. We decided to have a simple Jollibee drive thru dinner on our way home. And as we were ordering our food, we saw this red box right at the window sill!

It was a Jollibee doll, the doll I have been looking for for a long long time now! And, as if the doll is not enough, the box had an extra costume and accessories to dress him up with! (There are actually different sets to choose from, depending on the nation of your choice.)

Among the nations available, we picked the United States of America set. So, what exactly are in the box?

.... his tux...

.... his torch.... his hat! What can be cooler than that!

Go ahead, get your own Jollibee JolliNation doll before stocks run out!


  1. it looks so cute! are you planning to complete the set?

  2. uy si jollibee!!!!! miss ko na pansit palabok tska chickenjoy! sensya food pa din pumapasok sa utak ko! :D pero kawaii naman ito!! how many countries ba doc?

  3. Meron bang U.K. version?

  4. gwacie, really cute... but we might not be collecting all of them... depende... if the other dolls are as cute (not all have been released eh), maybe...

    syel, 6 countries all in all, the philippines included... these are the countries pala that have Jollibee branches.

    dyosa, wala atang UK... only the countries that have Jollibee branches... sayang no...

  5. Ay sayang, walang U.K. Hehe. Bibili sana ako eh. :-)