Sunday, February 13, 2011


Dogs will always be dogs. No matter how squeaky clean we keep them by bathing them every week, keeping them away from muddy places, making sure they stay inside the house, fleas and ticks will always somehow find their way into them, or shall I say, onto them!

And discovering Frontline Plus is the best thing ever when it comes to fighting off these pests!

It is easy to apply... it is mess-free... and best of all, it works!


  1. Oh yes, we also use these for our dogs and it's very much effective, mahal nga lang ano? :P

  2. oo nga eh. i really save up as early as a day after i give the last dose. monthly ko kasi gusto sana ibigay.. although its effectivity can last naman daw three months. pero para sure, i try to give it monthly. naawa kasi ako last time na na infest sha, medyo madami... bad mama, :(