Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This snack bar in Shoppesville Mall Greenhills is one of the perfect spots to make a quick stop when you get tired from too much walking and shopping.

We tried their nachos with everything in it and we loved it. Crunchy, cheesy, and big in taste. We will try their tacos on our next visit, that's for sure.


  1. Nagpunta ka ng GH at di ka nagsabi!! Thats the place I stay at when Panget is busy with his toy hunting!! I eat and eat and eat their tacos.... till dumating si Panget1 Hahahaha...

  2. ay ganon ba! i didnt know teritoryo mo pala yang Kamicos! pers taym namin dyan nun. wala nga sa plano. yaan mo, maybe one of these coming months, after your visit with the stork, maka unwind tayo dyan nina minday!
    sarap pala tacos talaga nila?

  3. OMG! Tacos! Super anghang ba? Too bad di ako masyadong nagagawi diyan sa Greenhills. :(

  4. twas just the right anghang, actually, lorns... kayang kaya. i like that hindi tinitipid yung cheese nya. sulit sha eh.

  5. mouth watering! walang ganyang klaseng nachos dito! i had to make one on my own :(

  6. syel, first time lang namin itry yan sa Greenhills. masarap pala. tagal na namin nakikita itong stall... sana noon pa namin sinubukan.
    well next time, tacos naman. :)