Monday, February 21, 2011

Parker Pen

I have always been a Parker Jotter pen fan ever since I can remember. I don't know why but I have always preferred Parker to other brands, however more expensive the others may be. Surely, the other brands are just as durable and of great quality, too, but there is something in the Parker Jotter's classic style that I like.

My pen has to be the clicker ballpoint type and has to have a clip, just like all Parkers do. And it has to fit perfectly in my hand the way only the Jotter can.

I love Parker. It has been my writing companion for decades and will always be.


  1. I prefer my pen to be a clicker type too, I used to own a Parker pen but when its ink ran out, I didn't buy a refill until it was misplaced. :P

    For cheaper brands I'm loyal to Pilot ballpen. I've been using mine for about almost a year already? Haha, looks like I don't write that much.

  2. Ay ako din ate. fav brand of pen ko yan nung college ako. Kakaloka nga eh kasi magkano lang baon ko nun tapos arte-arte ko pa sa pen. hehehe. Iba kasi ang sulat ko pag yan gamit ko. parang naggglide lalo na pag gamit mo na notebook eh cattleya. perfect combo para sa akin. :)

  3. madz, pinaka convenient kasi ang clicker type. pag twist, minsan feeling ko, lumuluwag. pag may cap, laging nawawala ang cap! hahaha...
    pilot is good nga. yun nga lang ang problem with me, pag too cheap ang ballpen, i lose it too easily. my bad!

    tracy, ang arte ko din sa ballpen. dapat right color, right grip, and dapat parker! hahaha...cattleya and parker! yep! my kind of combo, too! hihihi...
    special like ko sa parker is the engravable body... diba!

  4. Pareho pala tayo, Parker Jotter pen fan did ako. I hate the twist type like Cross because the tip of the pen slowly recedes when I write - madiin kasi akong sumulat.

  5. wow, bertN, madami pala tayong Parker fans! hahaha...
    i used to like Cross din, pero yun nga, after a loooong while, the body untwists by itself diba? plus, the pen itself is too slim for my grip.
    may new Jotter model.. ganda ng design sa colored body part.. parang checkered... nice.