Monday, February 14, 2011

X-mini for Valentine's Day

Rebecca stared at it for a long time, wondering what it might be. I told her it was the Valentine gift from my Valentine and showed her how it works.

I have always wanted to have one for my ipod touch so I was so glad when Hubby got me one for Valentine's! He was asking me what I wanted and I hinted that I wanted something red and something small and pretty like a flower. Well, he got it right... it was red, indeed... and small and pretty... defnitely not a flower but way better!

I love my x-mini... it is very easy to use and convenient to bring along. .. No tangling connection wires, no cords to plug and it has its own power source because it is rechargeable!


And most importantly, sound is great! The x-mini does deliver.
Happy Valentine's Day to all! Spread the love and cheers today and everyday!


  1. Yay, Happy Valentine's day ate Gita, your husband is sweet and thoughtful :P

    Got a date with your hubby tonight? :)

  2. thanks. happy v to you and your fiance, too. yep, we have one tonite at one of the weirdest places to be in on valentine's day. i hope to blog about it soon pag natuloy. hehehe...saan kayo?

  3. We aren't going anywhere today, I have work in the morning and he works at night, so cannot be. Haha.

    We do have plans to dine out on Saturday, where to I'm just not sure yet. I'll be waiting for your post about that weird place to be in Valentine's. :)

  4. madz, im sure masarap na eat out na naman yan on saturday for you, two. ;)

    anyway, naku, our creepy dating place would have to wait muna. we tried to go there kaninang hapon but we couldn't find a parking space. kainis! buti na lnag malapit lang sa work so we can try to drop by some other time... i guess my blog will have to wait.

    we had an early dinner lang at Tokyo Cafe. yun na lang muna iblog ko soon. ;)

  5. so sweet!!! very practical malaki pa si veronica ah! :D

  6. hihihi, cute diba...
    very practical sha. swak sa gamit ko. small and very portable. plus bonus pa na the sound is superb!

  7. is this like a speaker? tanga lang e noh. hehe

  8. sakto, ting. speaker sha na super mini, pero malakas enough for the ipod touch or your mp3 player, or your netbook or kahit anong may audio jack na 3.5mm ba yun?
    sound is great. mono lang itong binili ko. meron silang stereo sound. 2 bilog. mas maganda ang sound. pero pricier...
    pag pagod na tenga ko sa kakaearphone, i switch to the xmini.