Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KFC Twister

I tried this for meryenda the other day and I was suprised at how filling it was! I should have had this for lunch instead!

Don't let the seemingly small size fool you. It is packed with stuffing that is tasty, and very flavorful, though it could use a lot less salt, if you ask me. It was like pizza in a pita!

I will have this again, for sure. But as a snack no more.


  1. Fave!!! Nakakabusog yan. Pero less salt nga sana.

  2. I like their California Maki Twister the most, because it has mayo and not as dry compared to the other Twister Flavors, but hey I eat all of them when available :P

  3. masarap nga sha, mindz! ang yabang ko pa nung una... akala ko maliit lang, so kaya ko kako ubusin.. yikes, very bigat pala sa tyan! di ko naubos! shempre to the rescue si hubby. sha umubos! hahaha...
    dapat pang lunch sha, not meryenda... hehehe

  4. I thought I posted a comment earlier today. Haha ulyanin, can't exaclty remember if I did submit.

    What I said was out of all the twister variety, I like the California Maki most kasi may mayo and it makes the twister less dry. It would have been perfect kung may fish roe sana. :P

  5. you did, madz.. di ko lang na reply agad. so sorry...
    anyhow, may california maki twister pala... may mango and may mayo, aba, winner yan... ill try that one naman next time. thanks for the recomm!

  6. bakit wala nya dito???!!!! or hindi lang ako nagdadaan na k'se sa KFC dito. maka-check nga within the week! looks really yummy!

  7. sayang naman, syel, kung wala.. check mo na lang ulit baka may new items on the menu...

  8. California Maki Twister is the Best! I can eat it everyday!

  9. WIGGLETOES, susubukan ko talaga yang calif maki twister. ive heard so much raves about it. masarap nga daw... :)