Friday, February 11, 2011

National Bookstore's Bestseller List

I drop by National Bookstore every so often to look at their Bestsellers list so I would know if there are new books that interest me enough to make me either buy or download online, as ebook or audiobook. I have read two from this list, downloaded one, will download another one still, and will probably buy the one at the top of the list.
Does anything in the list catch your fancy?


  1. I don't actually see the list, because the office only allows Internet Explorer 6 (and images on Blogger don't show, don't know why), haha. Pero di ko alam na may Bestseller list pala ang NB, will recheck your post once I get home tonight :)

    I want to buy a new book rin kasi, it's been too long.

  2. i used to go sa website din ng NBS, kaso di ko sure how often they update eh.
    sa store mismo, the list/standee is usually by the pile of new books sa bandang entrace/lobby... actually iba iba nga, meron din fiction at non fiction then meron ding pang teens bestseller list. kaaliw!

  3. Ayan, I see the images na. I think I have an audio book of number 3 but I haven't started listening to it, been busy I guess. Thanks for letting me know about this ate Gita. :)

  4. always welcome, madz... anytime!
    audio format ko din tinapos yung Lost Symbol... and The COnfession. i liked the latter so much, i suggest you get that, too. yung LS, okay lang.
    happy listening!

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