Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

This was our first visit to Joey Pepperoni Pizza Parlor, SM Bicutan branch. Although the place is small, the tables weren't cramped and the leatherette chairs were comfortable.

We tried their lunch meals which came with a glass of iced tea, reasonably priced at 99php. Hubby ordered the Hungarian Sausage rice and I picked the Pasta Bolognese.
IMG_3005 IMG_3003


Serving size is a bit small for the hungry diner, but over all, food was okay. I am not exactly jumping up and down over it but 'twas alright. I am quite positive that we would be back sometime soon. And next time, I will make sure to try their pizzas. Afterall, it is a pizzeria, right?


  1. Baka depende sa branch yung quantity of serving? The pesto I tried was good enough for at least 2 people, albeit hindi nga lang masarap masyado. :P

    Naka try ka na ng pizza nila?

  2. MADZ, baka yung regular order nila ang madami. .kasi itong pasta na inorder ko was their lunch set meal eh... pero baka din nga depende sa branch...
    yung pizza nila ang gusto ko talaga balikan. hindi pa kami naka try eh... soon yan. for sure. heheh...

  3. hi, new follower...

    try their quattro formaggi, i love it!

  4. masarap pala their quattro... sige, will go back a second time soon. thanks!

  5. yeah, that's what we always order when we eat out there. yummy~ ^_^