Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chicken Pandan

I found these neatly wrapped chicken pieces in pandan leaves in the grocery the other day. A whole array of chicken treats ready for cooking were there too like skewered chicken satay, skewered chicken yakitori, , skewered chicken curry and even chicken teriyaki, all ready for frying or grilling.

I decided to buy a few pieces of their chicken pandan for dinner that night. (only P10./piece) I have always wanted to try making it at home, but never really got to actually doing it.

So that night, all I needed was a small pot of hot oil for deep frying! Easy! and Quick!

From Green to Gold!

I was glad I bought these. Suprisingly, they turned out better than I was expecting. They were pretty good! It really saved the dinner for me that night.

I will be trying out the other chicken preparations by Bounty Fresh. I hope they are just as good as their Chicken Pandan.


  1. na aamoy ko ang pandan leaves.. at halimuyak ng chicken.. hmmmm.. sarap.. ^_^

  2. I bought the cooked version which sells for P135 (10 pieces) about a month ago at SM Hypermarket Pasig. I agree with you. Masarap nga. Ok to bring to parties, etc.

  3. mimi, try it. masarap sha. promise. ;-) hey, you havent blogged in a while, have you? miss na namin entries mo... thanks for dropping by.

    Em Dy, nice of you to pass by. anyway, the SM stuff are surprisingly good no!
    btw, i linked up your blog too. be visiting your site too. ;-)

  4. Gita,

    Marinated ba ang chicken o yung Pandan lang ang nag-papalasa?

    Kamusta na kayo ni Mon at anak niyo?

    Malapit na ang pasko at hinahanap-hanap ko na yung lasa ng hamon na binibenta diyan nuon para sa pasko handaan. Nakalimutan ko yung brand niya. Miss na miss ko na rin yung queso de bola sa pan de sal!

  5. noypetes! hey! long time no write a! pasyal ka ng pasyal kasi on your bike eh. haha...
    anyway, those ready to cook pieces have been marinated before they were wrapped in pandan leaves. sarap sha... sounds simple pero i dunno how to make them. ;-)

    i think you mean the Excellente brand in kyapo! ay grabe, that is the best! hanggang ngayon, people flock there just to buy for xmas. as in parang exodus talaga! which reminds me, i have to schedule a trip pala. ;-)

    mon and i are fine, thanks for asking. :-)

  6. Salamat Gita! Ngayon alam ko na ang brand name ng paborito kong hamon. Ang pinipilahan naman dito pag ma okasyon ay ang "Honeybaked Ham", puwede na pero iba pa rin yung texture at lasa ng home cooked Excellente Ham. I used to help my dad cook it in the backyard in a gigantic couldron.

    Yeah I've been riding a lot lately and going to remote towns here in California on my quest for yummy home cooked pies! Northeast of Palmdale is a town called Tehachapi where I found some really good fruit pies. I love the sticky cinnamon buns with pecan pies sold at one of the roadside cafes downtown. Just like the buko pies of Laguna, they're worth the 100+ miles trip.

  7. This is really good! Tuwang tuwa ako nung nalaman kong P10 lang sya. :D Kaso hindi ko alam kung hanggang ngayon meron pa sa SM?

  8. Weyn, yup, they still have it sa mga SM groceries...
    which reminds me, tagal ko na di nag cook nito... ma try nga ulit. thanks!