Thursday, October 18, 2007


Mon and I decided to buy an electronic pass for our car. And after using it for about a week now, we regret not having bought it sooner!

We have lived here in the south ever since we got married. And me, more than half of my life. And we have seen how traffic in the South Suffer Highway has gone from bad to infuriating.

And now, this little tag, as they call it, saves the day (and time) for us. It has unbelievably cut down our "pila" time by more than 200%! Simply stick the tag on your windshield and you're ready to go.
Clip on...

Clip off...

Our driving in and out of the SLEX has been cut short significantly since e-pass holders get their own entrance and exit lanes in tollgates. Plus. there is no need to pay in cash. Everything is pre-paid and toll charge is automatically debited from your tag's load at the moment you go thru the tollgates as indicated by a beep.

I don't need to prepare my coins anymore in the morning for our toll fee. We now reach work ealier. And we can now save on gas more. I am glad there's e-pass.


  1. "South Suffer Highway" ...right on the money, Gita. =)

  2. yep gita, ok ang e-pass. meron kami dati. sa south din ako nakatira/lumaki. parang VIP ang feeling pag mei e-pass. lol. even if we forgot to load credits on it, sa e-pass lane pa rin kami dadaan and dun na lang pay ng toll with the lame excuse na akala namin mei enough credit pa yun e-pass. hehehe :)

  3. houseband, hehehe, pun inteded daw o!

    jenny, sobrang kuripot namin kasi that we didnt get it sooner. hihi... dapat pala noon pa.
    breezing thru lang sa tollgate diba! youre right, feeling VIP talaga. hahaha :-)

  4. I can't relate! Pero my friends from the South say it's soooooooper convenient!

  5. candishhh, you really have to be from the south talaga sis para maappreciate mo ang epass. sayang nga, it cant be used sa north luzon highway eh. pang SLEX lang talaga. ok na din no. parang VIP ka talaga.

  6. But how do you control your bills?
    Not sure those guys are not cheating on us. (I also have an e-pass).
    What we need is a fast MRT/LRT line connecting Alabang to Makati. Even better Los Baños to Kalookan...
    (No need for an extention of an expensive skyway... ay naku! )

  7. sidney, i really wish they can update their computerization para we can check our balance everyday... kaso, monthly reports via email lang daw ang pwede.. or you can call their CS hotline..

    ok na sa akin kahit di ko mamonitor... the epass is a big help kasi. we exit at bicutan everyday and laking advantage ang naka epass...

  8. do you know how much is it to get an e-pass these days?

  9. Kitten, sorry, we havent been using our epass for the longest time na. we try to avoid na din kasi the SSH altogether. ang taas na ng toll eh. sobra.