Friday, October 12, 2007

Beef Asado

What do you do with a few slices of beef sirloin aside from tapa and beefsteak? Beef Asado. This tomato sauce based dish is one of my favorites. Maybe it is not as easy to do as my Prawns In Soy Sauce recipe, but this is just as dee-lish, I tell you.

I marinate my beef slices in toyo with a little calmansi juice for about 15-30 mins. My mom uses beef chunks but I prefer using thin slices of lean meat for shorter cooking time.
In a pan, I quick-fry the beef slices one at a time just to seal in the juices, then set them aside. It is like searing the meat in a little oil.

In a new pan, I saute garlic and onions in a little oil. I then add in the beef slices I previously set aside and toss. I add in water, just enough to cover the beef, cover the pan, and wait for it to boil.

When it is already boiling, I turn down the heat to low, and wait until the beef gets tender.
While waiting, I soak these dried Shiitaki mushrooms in water and slice them to smaller pieces.

I just love these mushrooms. They give my dishes that delicate earthy flavor.

Here is the tricky part of the recipe, but is the most important, according to my Mom. When the beef is tender, I pour the 'sabaw' onto a container, leaving only the meat in the pan.

It is at this point when I add the tomato sauce in, and let it boil and cook with the beef for a few minutes. Then slowly, I start pouring back the sabaw in, a laddle at a time. My mom prefers the sauce reduced as much as the beef permits, but I want my Asado saucier. Just add in the soaked and drained mushrooms into the dish and cook until done.

This is a family favorite. We grew up with this dish and I just know your families will love it too.


  1. Yay, new recipe! Thanks Gita. Will try this!

  2. Hmmm...looks oh so yummy! Sana kasing sarap mo ko magluto ng pinoy dishes....para mas ginaganahan ang pamilya....Thanks for this, I'll try it. I tried the Caldereta with cheese, kakaiba!!! Thanks uli!

  3. mindy, try this. some, i think, call this mechado. but anyhow it's called, sarap sha sis. hope you like it. ;-)

    giz, i hope you enjoyed the caldereta. ;-)
    naku, hindi ako magaling magluto no! im just the average guy. hahaha... it's my mom who cooks really well. pang handaan sha. homemade handa. not the fancy type. gaya gaya lang ako. thats why i blog her recipes para ma immortalize ko. im sure she will be angry at me for leaking out her secrets. hehehe.. buti na lang she doesnt go online. hahaha...

  4. mechado nga tawag sa amin dito. asado sa amin kase yung matamis na kakulay ng adobo. nyay! ano bang klaseng description yun haha. will try this one again. hehe.

  5. Had this for lunch yesterday, yummy! Thanks ha! Ganun rin ang asawa ko magluto ng ma-sauce, one laddle at a time. :)

    Yung asado rin sa iba may star..."anais" ba yun?

    Kahit ano pa tawag sa kanya, masarap siya. Hehe. I love beef rin kasi.

  6. lelila, i understand your description very well... hehehe.. yung brown na parang adobo pero matamis, matamis, mechado naman sa amin. hehehe
    try it ha..

    mindy, uy! im glad you liked it! talap talap diba...
    matry nga yung star anise. may added flavor nga siguro.. anise sis, not anais. alam ko ang naiisip mo sa anais... yung perfume ng cacharel, hehehe...

  7. Thanks for the recipe, Gita. Sounds good! I'll try this soon and report back the result.
    Shiitake, shiitake, them!!!

  8. i just love shiitake too... did you know that Tropical Hut has this Farmers Delight Burger that has shiitake mushrooms! yummy! my hubby ordered it kanina for lunch... big and filling!
    sige, good luck sa asado mo. i know it will turn out well, ikaw pa!

  9. Haha anise pala! Sabi ko na nga ba parang hindi masarap yung anais, perfume nga pala yun! :)

    I cooked this again for lunch today. I just really love beef, heart attack abot ko nito.

  10. mindy, o hinay hinay sa kain ha... ang figure! dont worry, beef is heart-friendlier naman than pork. o diba, kinunsinti pa...
    i bought sirloin slices again... will have this for dinner soon too. ;-)

  11. Oooohh! I love the reactions. My cooking spirit has once again been set aflame with excitement and a worthy adventure!
    But first, I need to do some "marketing".
    Thanks for sharing a family treasure.=)

  12. ruy, i do hope you try this one. sana magustuhan mo. and dont forget to check out another family treasure, our caldereta. it is another pang fiesta recipe of ours. ;-)

  13. Gita,
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe! Can you help me with some Filipino terminology? In another Filipino recipe I want to try it says "Let cool and slice evenly (preferably "pang-asado")" I am lost as to the meaning of "pang-asado". Can you be assistance?
    Thanks so much, TexasWill

  14. anonymous, pang asado would have to mean sliced evenly, thinly. like meatloaf, or spam. about a centimeter thin each slice. i use an electric slicer to do this.