Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I had to blog this before it goes out of season. I see a lot of lanzones in the market and in the groceries these days since it is still in season.

I have yet to see a lanzones (Lansium domesticum) tree. But the fruit, we surely have enjoyed a kilo or two of this.

Buying and choosing the sweet variety is always a game of luck for me. I still have not mastered the art of telling which ones are sweet and which ones are not too sweet.
Well, some advise to choose the not so "fair-skinned"ones. Discolorations may indicate that that cluster is sweet. Others say that those with a lot of black ants clustering around may also indicate that the bunch is sweet.

These tips help. But the "libre-tikim" way is still the way to go for most of us. Taste to believe.


  1. awww... cute little heads with the lanzones... it made me smile.. at sarap ng lanzones ever!

  2. ***stubborn taurean***... thanks. i thought the heads and the lanzones blended very well... oh and yes, this batch of lanzones was really sweet!

  3. ahahha ang kulet ng dolls/heads amongst the lanzones :)

  4. jenny, ang kukulet talaga.. nakalimutan nga nila mag suot ng hair... hahaha... ;-)

  5. It was my first time to see a lanzones tree last weekend. We went lanzones picking in Tiaong, Quezon. Nag-enjoy nga ang anak ko. He had a small basket which he filled with lanzones. Actually, mahirap syang kunin, medyo mataas kasi yung ibang branches and you need a knife or scissors para hindi matanggal sa bunch yung mga fruits. At madami pang ants. Hehe... Pero they are the black ants na hindi nangangagat naman. Though we didn't get a lot of fruits, the experience was well worth it. =D

  6. trina, wow, that must have been quite an experience! lalo na for your kid. buti pa sha, kahit bata pa, nakakita na ng lanzones tree.

  7. Hi Gita. My family owns a small lanzones patch and what you have posted is true. Ants and dark spots are signs of good sweet lanzones.
    However you have to be careful because there are sellers who add the black ants to make it look sweet.
    If they easily fall off from the branch, and the skin is becoming dark brown yet firm, I would recommend those. Just try to avoid the dark brown and mushy ones. :D

  8. thanks for the added info, malou... ill surely keep them in mind. ;-)