Monday, October 1, 2007


Genji! Restaurant is the Japanese place we love going back to.

This food conveyor was what attracted us to try this place. And we are glad we did. While your hot meals are being prepared, you can watch as your favorite sushis, sashimis and makis pass by you right by your table! Simply get the dish you like and enjoy! No need to wait!

Prices are according to the color of the little plates they're served. The prices are reasonable, if you ask me.

But it is not just the price that makes us come back for more.

Food is fresh. Serving sizes are just right.

Beef Teriyaki for me (left) and Gyudon (right) for Mon
Their hot dishes are worth the wait.

I just know we will be back at Genji! in no time!


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  2. Hi Doc! Saan located yan? Hehe I know you know why I'm asking. Running sushi!!! -the best! Anyway, hubby and I loved another jap-resto before, eat all you can pa, Tenchi naman. I wonder why they name it Genji...Genjitsu (reality), higenjitsuteki (unrealistic), genjidai (present era), di nagcoconnect eh lol- Anyway thanks for sharing...Added to my list!!!

    (OT: UNg una comment nabura, sori po.)

  3. giz, cute talaga yung moving/running sushi right by your table. di ka na oorder, dampot ka na lang ng dampot. hehehe...great for matatakaws like me. no waiting time kasi. pero pag wala sa mga moving by ang type mo, pwede ka pa din magpagawa the regular way. no prob.

    this is in Greenhills. sa may Parkway. it is the only branch i know eh. and the only one we keep going back to. favorite din ni Father in law dyan eh. ;-)

  4. This opened at the same time when conveyor belt sushi servers are the hit in Japan. I love the california maki and the sukiyaki!

  5. sacchinpink, we always enjoy it there, dont we all! ;-) thanks for the info on the conveyor sushi belt. i think there is another Jap restau similar to Genji! in MOA. im not sure though if the food is half as good. ;-) how was the tempura, by the way...

  6. Ahhh! Ayan yung sa greenhills! I've always wanted to try that but never natuloy. Hmmmmmmm.. masubukan nga!

  7. yes, ninsky. greenhills nga, sa parkway ba yun? basta dun sa may covered parking. near the bridgeway.
    we really like it there. okay ang food for its price ha. lalo na the salmon sashimi... slurp...

  8. Ok, might as well try to stop there. The kids love running sushi din, mura lang kze, eat all you can sha dito, less 5euros for kids 11yrs and below, 9euros for adults, san ka pa! Ganito, paguwi ko libre mo kami jan hahahahaha. =) joke!

  9. giz, lugi ako... 2 lang kami ni mon, isang barangay kayo! ahaha... ipagluluto na lang kita... o diba, ang kuripot o! hehehehe... ;-)

  10. I stumbled upon your blog cause I was looking for any review about Genji restaurant. We're looking forward to eating there when we go back to the P.I. And by the way, I am now an avid reader of your blog. I also like the cute toys you put... makes the pics more interesting!

  11. mochi08, thanks. youre always welcome here sa blog. come by anytime. glad yo like it.
    anyway, a bit of sad news though, Genji! in Greenhills had closed na. im not sure if they have any other branch. parang wala eh. sayang no, sad din nga kami eh.
    anyway those little dolls are my collections. theyre pinky dolls and yes, theyre so adorable. ;-)