Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seafood Wharf

This is one of our favorite restaurants when we want to enjoy the freshest seafoods and more. Located at the Old Army and Navy Club Compound South Road, Luneta Park, the restaurant provides a great view of Manila Bay while you dine.

The place is spacious, inviting and breezy.

The freshest choices!

Creepy crawly ones...

Chilled ones...

Take your pick from the above choices... They all end up in their kitchen where the master in the art of cooking do they marvelous creations.

From the hanger to your platter...

This is a mainstay everytime we visit. Their tamarind sauce for the roasted duck, suckling pig, chicken and asado is so heavenly!

I wish I had more photos to show than our sweet and sour maya maya and halaan soup we had that day. Unfortunately, when the rest of food came, I was too engrossed with eating and forgot about shooting! Hahaha....

But take it from Mayura and all the balikbayan guests we have treated at Seafood Wharf, , all the seafood goodness you pick here are cooked just the way you want them.... perfectly!

Your first visit would definitely be not your last. Right, Mayura?


  1. Just couldnt get enough of your food fotos! :-S SSSSSSSSSSaaaraaaaaaapppp!

    Pero kung ako yan makaklimutan ko din ang tungkol sa camera! lol!

  2. giz, puntahan mo to with your kids and hubby pag nag vacation kayo here. theyd enjoy there... kasi poolside din ang restaurant mismo! pool ng old army navy club. they can go swimming and enjoy the food.. sayang, di ko nakunan ng foto ang pool... ;-)

  3. How much damage will your wallet take for a meal there? :D

  4. kaoko, it really depends on what youll order... and the weight of your pa-kilo...
    workable ang P1000T for a dinner for two. but if youll have crabs, over P1T ka for sure.
    one thing im sure, Dampa style restaurants surely have more affordable pricing. ;-)

  5. first time to hear this seafood resto... again, sayo ko na naman nadiscover yung mga places to visit sis.. heheheheh..

    kaya lagi ako tambay dito.. heheheheh..

    thanks once again, kaso pano ba magcommute punta dun? isip ako eh..

    thanks sis...:)

  6. ***FYRNZ***, thanks for hanging around... :-) i just love to blog about food and places we go to...
    itong restau, it is very near the Luneta Grandstand. not sure sa transpo, pero basta maka punta ka ng Luneta park, malapit na yun dun. it is right beside the old army navy club... ;-)

  7. open pa pala ito...:)

  8. docchef, yup, open pa naman. although im not sure if it was because we had a late lunch that sunday or if talagang there are less people na who go there. dati kasi packed sha talaga.
    maybe it is because of the Dampa restaurants around. mas mura sa dampa eh. but i like the ambiance at SW a lot better kasi. ;-)

  9. fyrnz, youre always welcome. ;-) happy eating!

  10. I am really getting hungry now!

  11. that's the whole idea, sidney... ;-)

  12. Gita,

    My family and I used to go to the Army Navy Club when I was younger. Nan dyan parin yung pool at tennis court?

    Mel Navea

  13. Mel Navea, thanks for dropping by. and im glad to tell you that yes, the pool and the tennis court are still there.
    come for a vacation and a visit!

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