Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cute Kid

No, she is not mine. I do not even know her name! A friend sent me a link to her YouTube videoclip entitled Wutever Kid. I am glad I clicked on the link because she is one adorable tiny tot!

It is amazing how our young ones could imitate what they see and hear almost anything and anyone around them!

Not a day passes by without me visiting her link... She manages to cheer me up each and every time.


  1. Cute nga. I can just imagine my daughter when she gets bigger. =)

  2. whatever! hahahaha..

    i've watched this na rin before.. ang kulit nga sobra nung bata.. with matching hands and facial expression pa..

  3. ruy, with you and your wife as parents, im sure she will grow up to be just as adorable if not more. smarter even. ;-)

    einah, sobrang kulit no! this kid always perks up my day. lalo na pag bored ako... kaaliw eh. ;-)

  4. Thanbks. We just pray she grows up to be smart and kind.

  5. naku, ruy, im sure she will. she is one lucky girl to have you and liv as her parents. ;-)