Friday, November 30, 2007

Chicken Series Part I: Peri Peri Chicken

Mon and I finally got our chance to try Peri Peri Chicken last weekend when we went to Greenhills.

The interiors was well lit and cozy. Tables were a bit small though. The full length mirror to one side of the restaurant helped give the interiors a more spacious effect.

We each ordered the 1/4 chicken with 2 sidings. I picked the mild chicken while Mon chose the Lemon and Grass chix.

For me, prices are a bit too high for the serving size, the chicken included. Moreso for their desserts.

One of Mon's side dishes, tha macaroni soup, came ahead of the rest and he enjoyed it while it was warm. He said it was nothing really special, but good enough.

The rest of our chosen side dishes came: coleslaw, buttered corn and carrots and mashed potatoes.

The coleslaw turned out to be the best, for me, that is.

This was the spit fire grilled 1/4 chicken. It was tender, juicy and well cooked... well flavored. The mild turned out to be still too hot for me so Mon and I exchanged orders.

The sauces on the table for an even hotter experience.

Peri Peri Chicken was good, not that great, but good enough for a new chicken experience. It would probably be a long while before we come back for seconds.


  1. I have to say though, that chicken picture ith the hotness flag has me craving for spicy chicken. Do they have it in "hellishly hot"?=)

  2. ruy, they actually do have the devilishly hot kind... plus their tabletop sauces pa...
    i love the way the foto of the chicken came out. yumminess no! ;-)

  3. Ako naman, although I don't like spicy dishes, I prefer the mild to the lemon and garlic. Good too with tortillas.

  4. Seems like you're a chicken-baby, Gita. :)

    Maybe you'd want to try Chicken Inasal, the chicken barbecue that Bacolod is famous for. :)

    I heard from friends that the actor Joel Torre's JT Manukan in Libis is quite good although I have never been there myself.

  5. em dy, ako din, i dont like spicy foods... mahina ako dyan eh... there are just a few dishes na gusto kong maanghang like caldereta. ;-)

    bugsybee, i like chicken... kasi, it is very versatile kasi... pwedeng sandwich, salad, may sabaw, or grilled, or just plain fried...
    actually, an Inasal restaurant is up next in my blog topiclist.. hahaha... you read my mind... watch for it soon... ill try to post it tonite.. ;-)

  6. I want to try this but my Panget insists it just another Chicken resto! Hahaha..

  7. candishhh, well, ... the chicken is good naman, but not really one id rave about. ;-)