Thursday, November 15, 2007


When busy weeks strike, take-out and food delivery save the day for me. Kentucky Fried Chicken has the original recipe and the hot and crispy recipe. It is always the original recipe for us, 2 piece meal for Mon with an extra order of rice, and 1-piece meal for me.

Their chicken pieces have definitely shrunk in size, but the taste, I must say, is still finger-linkin' good.

The gravy is the perfect partner for the chicken.

The side dishes of KFC are not bad either! We always order 2 large macaroni salads with our chicken. This is my favorite side dish. Cooked just right, with the the perfect blend of dressing and garnish. Love this!

Their coleslaw is another mainstay in our order. I like the way their cabbage is shredded into small bits. Easier to enjoy. The dressing is more sweet than tart, just the way I want it.

I don't know why they don't package this as Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore though it is the same corporation. But it doesn't really matter as long as they remain as finger-lickin' good as they used to be.
If you had a busy day and caught in traffic going home, and too tired to cook, this is the number to call.


  1. awwww.. kakasabi ko lang ng kfc.. nagugutom na tuloy ako.. ^_^

  2. Bakit walang brownies? Yun favorite ko from kfc..Hehe...KFC's branch here is new, i think wala pang 2 years yon so I remember nung bagong bukas, ay naku andaming pinoy! ýun nga lang wala yung brownies...Gusto ko din ung original recipe but the kids and hubby likes the maanghang...(intsik kze) kaya laging halohalo sa bucket ang order hehe....

  3. mimi and gay, iba ang busog na bigay ng KFC... simple pero sulit. ;-) kain na!

    giz, sana kasingsarap ng KFC pinas ang branch there. my in laws were complaining na in australia daw, you have to pay pa for gravy... and the gravy is not as good as ours...tapos in hawaii ata, they dont even have gravy at all! so catsup ang kasama! hahaa...
    ill try their brownies soon...

  4. I also like their chocolate mousse. Macaroni salad is also tops with me. I don't like the spicy chicken either.

    KFC is walking distance to home and work. I feel so blessed.

    I tried KFC in the US, not as good as here.

  5. Em Dy, mukang very good ang feedback re KFC's desserts ah... i havent tried any from their menu... but now, i definitely will...

  6. Hi! Their chocolate mouse has been a favorite of mine growing up.
    Glad to see you're back.=)

  7. ruy, i really have to try these KFC desserts everyone has always loved... i seem to be missing a lot.
    ive been a bit busy with work lately. but i always pass by blogs of peeps in my bloglist, yours included. ;-)

  8. KFC! yummy.. original recipe breast part w/ mashed potato and lots of gravy. kakagutom :P i don't like lang talaga the smell when you're inside kfc. hehe.

  9. u8mypinkcookies, medyo lumiit lang ang chix parts pero the taste hasnt changed no. sarap pa din. we always order to-go eh. lagi kasi sikip mga branches.. kaya di kami nag susuffer smell inside, hehehe...

  10. Hay, nakakamiss ang KFC! Naisipan kong mag KFC tomorrow when I go out, kaso as you pointed out, naalala ko, onti lang pala ang gravy na ibibigay! Haaay, gingagawang soup ko pa naman yun XD

    Sa Singapore yung gravy sa mashed potatoes lang. Ang ibibigay nilang kasabay ng chicken eh chilli sauce!

  11. nina, they even charge you nga for extra gravy eh... kainis no! samantalang dito, unlimited refill.. sineserve pa sa yo... ;-) miss mo na kami no! hehehe.. miss ya too!

  12. hi gita!

    your pics would be great for hypoglycemia!

    just ordered a barrel of KFC as pulutan during my bday party,
    i got drunk on the gravy!!!

    bad trip lang,
    microscopic na ang KFC brownie ngayon compared to when it first came out.

    still scrumptious, though!

  13. spanx, thanks for dropping by.. and belated happy birthday!
    i gotta try these famouse KFC brownies real soon... sobrang intrigued na ako ha... it must really be good!

  14. Gita: kami din always take-out. di koma-take ang smell e :-\

    love ko rin brownies nila. ang liit nga lang ngayon, nakakabitin.. my friends say sulit yung fully loaded meal nila!

  15. u8mypinkcookies, super intrigued na ako dyan sa brownies na yan... susubukan ko na talaga yan real soon!

  16. you should try it talaga ;)