Sunday, November 25, 2007

Macadamia Nut Shortbread

My sister in law who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii introduced us to this. Everytime she visits us, she never fails to bring several boxes of Kauai Koookie's Macadamia Nut Shortbread for us. And the first time we tasted it, we already fell in love with it.

They look like your ordinary butter cookies, but a bite is all it takes to let you know that they are so not. And once you start, it takes a lot of effort just to stop.

Too bad that each box contains only 7 cookies. Bitin!


  1. Interesting. How big are they? Where can you buy them?
    Hmmm, this post would have been really good for the comeback appearance for your "models".=)

  2. ruy, the cookies are your average chips ahoy cookies in size. i still have yet to find this kind in our local groceries... havent tried rustans though. baka meron dun. luckily, my hipag always comes several times in a year to visit kaya we get these as pasalubong. ;-)

    dont worry, youll see the girls soon. .. grooming them pa for some xmas shoots...

  3. Hi Dr. ... I was blog hopping.
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  4. I love macadamia. I remember years back, somebody gave us macadamia butter.

  5. I love macadamia. One of my fondest memories about my first trip to Honolulu is the visit to a macadamia nut farm where you can taste test throughout the store for free. May kona coffee pa. Made sure I did that again on my second visit. I also like candy coated or chocolate coated macadamia. Haven't tried this cookie though. Hope it's available here.

  6. that looks sooo yummy! i love macadamia too.. esp the choco-covered ones! :D

  7. hi, nance. thanks for dropping by. feel free to come back anytime you feel like it. or anytime youre hungry. hehehe... nice new blog you have. ill link you up too. thanks.

    wyatt, im sure the macadamia butter was so good too!

    em dy, uy, thanks for reminding me about the chocolate coated macadamia... i forgot to blog about it again... sa flickr ko lang pala na post... hahaha.
    im not sure if the cookies are available here eh.. havent tried at Rustans... sana nga they are...

    u8mypinkcookies, yummy sha sis, pwamis!