Friday, November 9, 2007

National Museum

I have passed this edifice countless of times since my youth but it was only lately that I learned that this was our National Museum! Actually, our historical and cultural treasures are housed in two separate buildings now, right across from each other.

The former Old Congress Building is where the arts, natural sciences and other support divisions are housed.

I wish I had more picture to offer but photographing was strictly prohibited inside the museum. But even if taking pictures was allowed, it would have been impossible for my shots to capture the beauty of the art inside nor share the awesome experience of walking thru those massive walls! Take my word for it.... the trip was amazing!

The former Finance building, now called the National Museum of the Filipino People is where the Anthropology and Archaeologiy Divisions are housed. Among the treasures within, the galleries devoted to the San Diego galleon are worth the special mention. ....porcelain plates, coins, jewelry, armaments and other artifacts recovered from the sunken battleship and much much more...

(The architectural design of the building is already an artwork to marvel at in itself!)

At least we were able to take photos in the lobby.

These heavy doors are always open. We, Filipinos, only need to go thru and re-discover our culture and history. It really is all up to us.


  1. I have visited the National Museum twice the past few years the last time being 3 month ago. The old congress during both visits were closed to the public for "renovation" according to the guards. Only the former finance building is open. They also offer summer activities for kids.

  2. leo, that was my first visit ever. and i was glad i did. kaso, it was sad at the same time na there were only a few people there visiting.
    baka naman there are more pag weekdays like students.

    oh, you should go back to see the old congress bldg! thats where the artworks are! the Spolarium alone is worth the trip back, for sure! that huge painting just amazed me!

  3. Ooh, ooh! I've gone here!=) I also loved the sunken section most. Looking at the reovered pieces, I someheow felt alone underwater imagining how the artifacts ended up in the museum since its departure from the dock to sail into the seas hundreds of years ago.
    It was a different, exciting feeling of adventure.

  4. I don't remember if I've been here but I recall seeing the Spolarium before. Maybe it was during grade school (a long time ago). About the same time, I saw the dioramas at the Ayala Museum and was very impressed. My last visit to a museum in the Phils was during college. The art in the Lopez Museum was also fascinating.

  5. Beautiful building! Thanks for posting this sis....parang nakapasyal na rin ako.

  6. ruy, i agree, parang Indiana Jones experience no! ;-)

    Em Dy, we will soon visit Ayala Museum, Lopez Museum and the Metropolitan Museum. medyo nasa historical mode kami these past few months eh. ;-)

    Mindy, naku sis, dont take my photos for it... you should visit. the actual experience of it all is different talaga.
    well of course im flattered that you liked my photos... thanks!

  7. Same here. I've passed this building
    almost every week. But only after I graduated did I know that this was the National Museum.

    Now, during my photowalks, I've been meaning to go inside. Saan ba talaga yun entrance? The main building (pic 1) is always closed.

    Buti naman picture taking is allowed.

  8. Photowalker, we entered the side facing (dunno the street name eh, sorry) the side of Pamantasan. that side on the photo. yung may statue ni MLQ... yung may rampa. sa likod kasi, it is always closed. just enter thru the gates. the guards will open it naman eh. then park ka right in front of the entrance.

    mas strict nga sa art museum eh. we couldnt even take photos sa lobby. just the outside.

    i called before, sabi nila, you can get a special permit for photos but you cant publish it anywhere and you have to give them a CD of the shots you took.

  9. I can't wait to get back there, went there several years ago. I really love the porcelain and ceramics I wish I could live there!

  10. Never went inside... quite a shame... I should drop by one of those days...

  11. guy, i trip inside really makes you feel more filipino no? ;-)

    sidney, sunday is a good day. maluwag, kaya lang, you dont get a tour guide on sundays. but entrance is free. ;-)

  12. i'm planning a return trip there on a sunday afternoon

    the old congress bldg just recently opened, i think last month lang

  13. tutubi, i am so excited for you... kwento ka ha... you will be awed by the Spolarium, for sure... have a great day on sunday!