Sunday, September 28, 2008

Range Murata Pinky

Meet Nazuna, Mayura and Caine. They are the three gorgeous Pinky dolls in the Range Murata series which took me many many months to complete.

The girl's costumes were designed by Renji "Range" Murata , a Japanese artist and designer, known for his unique style combining Art Deco and Japanese anime elements.

Nazuna was the last one I bought. Each one came with two interchangeable costumes and lots of accessories all designed by Range either in gray, black or white.

They can't get any cuter than these girls, can they!

My pinky collection welcomes the RMP series!


  1. They're very cute. How many do you have in your collection already?

    I love collecting figures too.

  2. Photowalker, thanks. i havent updated my count pala.. pero for sure, theyre not less than 25 girls. but no more than 30. ;-)
    yea, i visit your blog often and i see you love toys too. ;-)

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! Akala nga ng asawa ko, you just got your pics from the official website of the toys kasi they look so professional! I told him that you have your sig and copyright on the photo so it is yours. Ang galing! You inspire me to write, and to take photography na rin! Hehehe. Medyo mahirap nga lang dito kasi people are cautious and suspicious. Baka pag kinunan ko sila, idemanda ako hahaha.

    I love your blog! Keep it up!

  4. mochi08, thanks! sobrang flattered naman ako. salamat sa kind words.. ;-)
    i love these dolls talaga. thats exactly the reason why i take them to most of my shoots. hindi sila nagagalit kapag kinukunan ng picture.. hahaha.. theyre ever ready to pose and smile for the cam. walang demanda. hahaha..

  5. ang cute ng mga pictures mo! at very unique ang mga shots... if I may ask where to you buy your dolls? my baby girl love your girl figure sexy kasi!

  6. rhoda, sorry for late reply ha... been in a reading mode kasi lately...
    anyway, these are pinky st. dolls. i buy them in greenhills. sa virra mall. store is near the foodcourt. Special Toy Center. dami pa dun. ;-)
    thanks for the kind words.

  7. wow thanks cge minsan sisilip ako doon.... nakakatuwa naman ng blogs mo very intertaining.....Keep it Up!!!

  8. rhoda, thanks for the kind words...
    sige, good luck sa pinky hunting mo. i hope you can get one you like... ;-)