Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Aristocart BBQ aka Reyes BBQ?

Aristocrat has always been a family favorite for decades. Sunday lunches when we were younger would mean either a Max's chicken (which I hope to blog soon) or Aristocrat's bbq with java rice along Roxas Boulevard after hearing Sunday mass.

Aristocrat had other branches around the Metro. And it was a surpise to me one time that the one in Greenhills had closed down. I was told that they had moved to another site, also in Greenhills and is now called Reyes Barbecue.

Mon and I checked it out. Same menu, same taste (more or less) and same java rice that is just perfect for my chix bbq. And a lot cheaper than the Roxas Boulevard branch.

I will never get tired of savoring such barbecued goodness!

The famouse peanut sauce and their own achara make the whole serving just heavenly.

But whatever the change in the name is really all about, I do not mind, as long as I get to enjoy my usual order of boneless chicken barbecue with java rice! Total bliss!


  1. Alam mo, Gita. Balak ko talagang manatili sa bahay ngayon, surf ng kaunti, mag-drawing, at kumain ng lutong-bahay. Nang mabasa ko tong post mo, naghahanap tuloy ako ng dahilan para ma-justify ang punta ko sa Aristocrat ngayong tanghali.

    Salamat ha! =)

  2. sana ipinag take-out mo din ako... hahaha... im sure your your trip was worth it, kung natuloy ka man. :-)

  3. Nagiging restaurant and food critic ka na ngayon except puro positive ang review mo sa mga pagkain and I agree with you when it comes to bbq chicken iba talaga ang Aristocrat! There used to be another chicken "Inasal" whole in the wall eatery in the same vicinity with Max's and we used to call it "Aristoback"(nasa likuran kasi ng Aristocrat). Dahil sa mga litrato mong nakakagutom, I will have Thai BBQ chicken for lunch today!

  4. pete, di ko ata alam ang Aristoback a... but i know this bacolod chicken house at aduana st. the old brick building... sarap din inasal dun. they have many branches now kaya no need to go to aduana. layo eh.

    anyway, i just take shots of food and the foodplaces i go to since i started blogging. not that theyre all positive naman, not intentionally, ie. well, i guess you can say semi intentionally heheh... i only take photos of those that i find pleasant kasi.

    i was planning on putting some "not-so-pleasant" stuff sa blog ko but thought not. id like to keep my blog purty and nicey. hehehe... i see so much dirt and grime na everyday sa society so id just better keep them out of my blog. naks!

    thanks for dropping by.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I, too, love Aristocrat chicken bbq, but if I can get it cheaper, great!

  6. slurpp!
    me punas laway
    korek si pete
    sa aristoback aka Melrose Kitchenette kumakain ang waiter ng aristocrat, mura kc
    jan din yung 1969 aristoback massacre

    humm it brings back a lot of memories

  7. senorE, the portions are a bit smaller, and that the set up of Reyes BBQ at Virra Mall Foodcourt is quite "fastfood-y". self service, even.
    But the price at their restaurant branches are pretty much the same as the old Aristocrat's. :-)

    paulding, o, dahan dahan sa paglakad ha, baka basa ng laway ang sahig..... hehehe...
    yup, fond memories of gastronomic levels no!

  8. Ahhhh so Aristocrat pala yun! My hubby snubbed it when we saw it sa mall dito sa amin. Hindi kasi niya kilala ang Reyes BBQ. Eh peborit rin niya Aristocrat. :) Nadala sa name eh, no.

    Bakit hindi ka tumataba, sis? Hehehe!

  9. yup, Reyes family daw ang may ari ng Aristocrat and the famous Mama Sita line of ready made mixes that i love!

    ako? naku, im slowly adding inches sa aking girth... hahaha.. kain kasi ng kain.. wait til you see my gata blog entry. hihihi... buti na lang pwede icrop ang mga photos, at least walang bukingan sa korte ng bewang.. hahaha!
    thanks for dropping by!

  10. Diba same lang yun!? Hehehe!!

    Sarap talaga ng Chicken BBQ nila! :)

  11. same same lang, candishhh. but given the choice, i would still opt to get my chicken bbq at their roxas blvd branch. bata pa ko, andun na yun eh. :-)

  12. i like their bbq and atchara..pero plain rice lang and w/o the peanut sauce. kasi i find it too sweet na with the sauce and java rice e :D

  13. u8mypinkcookies, ako naman, i can give up th peanut sauce but definitely not the java rice. i even searched online noon for a recipe... tried it and failed miserably. hahaha... kaya since then, kain na lang sa aristocrat. ;-)

  14. hehe.. i dunno, mas like ko plain rice lang.. di talaga ko nahilig sa mga java/fried rice.. :P

    my sis said masarap din bangus nila.

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