Sunday, July 1, 2007

Le Ching Tea House

We always pass by this restaurant when we go to Shoppesville in Greenhills but we have never really tried it. And when we finally did, only then did we find out how much we were missing all this time!

It does not even boast of modern interiors. The airconditioning wasn't even working very well when we were there.

But we were surprised that no sooner after we came in and sat for an early meryenda, people started to flock in as well and eventually filled up the whole place!

This was the first thing they served us. The famous ever present chili garlic sauce you find in any chinese restaurant.

Then came the big bowl of Chicken Mami that Mon ordered. It came with a smaller bowl for sharing.

But why share a bowl of mami this good!

My siopao came. And sharing was not among my list of options either! We would definitely come back for more. There is a lot to try on the menu.


  1. It used to be Ma Mon Luk for mami and siopao in Quezon Blvd. after Sunday mass at Santo Domingo Church for me. Buti na lang masarap ang meryenda niyo ng hubby mo, kung hindi ay sasabihin niyo "Letseng Tea House" ito ah!

    I read in your Tagged post na you rode on the tiny space behind the seats of a 2 seater Mazda Miata for 4 days cross country? Wow! Saludo ako sa iyo sistah! Only a skinny contortionist would've survived that ordeal. You've given the human smugglers of south America another idea how to bring in people illegally to the states!

    At saka Gita, salamat sa medical service mo sa PGH, marami sa mahirap natin ang pumupunta diyan at kailangan nila ng mga doktor na tulad mo kasi karamihan ng mga doktor natin eh lumalayas ng Pilipinas dahil sa lintek na sistema diyan. Sana marami ka pang matulungan na mga mahirap diyan at maraming blessings naman ang kapalit sa inyong buong pamilya.

  2. Le Ching! Ano ba yan, madaling araw na, ginugutom mo ko!

  3. hi noypetes! yup, i fit in that space because that was a looong time ago. my first trip to the US. graduation gift. and yes, i used to be thin and slim. and young. hahaha... i enjoyed that trip though.

    Mam Mon Luk? we love that place! it is still operational until now. people still flock there. ill try to blog it one of these days. it is not just the siopao.. but the mami and their fried chicken and canton that we love there!

    i was in PGH during my residency years. but now, im in private practice. life in the country is tough but has been kind to mon and me and we are blessed. and how else can we give back but to serve where we are needed most. :-)

  4. nina, naku, marami pang lined-up blog entries mostly on food. meryenda pa lang yan, sister! hehehe...

  5. Wow! Did you shoot those for us just to stare at it? Hi there! NIce shooting, uh m m m mouthwatering.

  6. royluga, nice of you to come by, and get hungry, este, enjoy the photos... sige, order ka na! :-) keep visiting!

  7. Ok ka talaga, Gita. =)

    Ang galing mo manggutom! =)

    Natatawa ako sa signage; yun pa rin ata yung original! =)

  8. houseband00dalawa lang ang bisyo ko (my dolls and photog not included, hahaha)... eat out and pasyal. hahaha.. more food fotos to come in the coming days! hala ka! just giving you a heads up. dont tell me i didnt warn you... :-) hehehe....