Monday, July 16, 2007

Manila Centennial Airport

Salubungan and sunduan at the airport in the country have not changed much. The whole family (from lolo to bunso) troops to the airport, be it the departure or the arrival section. No wonder the parking area is always jam-packed!

I had a chance to capture the scene when my husband and I had to pick up my bilas who was then arriving from Hawaii.

It was an early PAL arrival so I was lucky to be able to capture the early morning glow that day.

There was already an early congregation there who came way ahead of us. I was initially happy to find LCD monitors overhead by the waiting area, but when I went for a closer look, the monitors weren't working. There was only static and more static onscreen. They should have been showing live video feed from inside the airport.

Some just had to content themselves with the electronic board showing the flight schedule, and detailing which ones have arrived and which ones, unfortunately, are delayed.

But as always, excited relatives still prefer to wait by the railings, unmindful of how strained their legs have been from long minutes of standing, just so they could be the first to catch the sight of the equally excited faces of their arriving relatives.

This was one pathetic site though. In this modern day of computers and LCDs and mobile gadgets, the airport still makes use of manual boards as shabby as this.

For those who chose to wait in style, there is the coffee shop that offers a comfortable waiting area, but for quite a price. Their menu is far from being comforting to the pocket.

Figaro coffee shop is the latest addition to the airport, I think.

I wish I had taken a long shot of the airport. Well, at least Miko and I were able to check out the upper floor where the departure area is.

I had to steal this shot and take it really quick by pretending to be a passenger departing for abroad just so I could come this closest to the entrance doors of the departure area, before I could get shooed away by those guards.

I think some Filipino ways never change. The sunduan for some will always be as it was.... crowded... a long wait...but always with that eagerness and thrill at seeing that loved one again.


  1. Hi Gita,

    Remember the movie, "Love, Actually?" The movie opens and closes with sunduan scenes at the airport; they took shots of people embracing their newly-arrived loved ones. I thought I'd be used to, jaded even, seeing scenes like those because of the countless times I've picked up relatives from the airport. Pero, there's still something that tugs at my heartstrings everytime I watch people get reunited with their families at the arrivals gate.

  2. houseband00, i have always made a mental note to watch "Love Actually" pero i keep forgetting! ive heard so much good reviews about it kasi eh... but now that youve mentioned it uli, i will na talaga. promise. :-)

    well, ako naman, picking up relatives is always thrilling for me. the anticipation is just so much.
    pero sa departure area, dyan ako with a heavy heart each and every time! it never fails din to make me sad to see anyone leave. pag naghahatid, im always left with a lump on my throat, and yes, misty eye.

    kaya nga arrival area ang blinog ko. hehehe... thanks for dropping by...

  3. Do you know where I can get hold of a map of the airport so I would know my way around when I go home. I don't know where my family can pick me up.

    Thanks for uploading the pics!

  4. anonymous, sorry, i dont know where to get a map of the vicinity.. but maybe telling your relatives to meet you by the Figaro (coffe shop) kiosk by the side entrance would help... have a great vacation here!