Monday, July 30, 2007

Aeternum: The Park Estate Columbary

I was driving my way along C5 road inTaguig again and this view caught my eye and made me want to see it up close. So I did.

I am glad I did because it was as beautiful up close. Exploring the place, I found out that this whole landscaped and well tended garden is part of the Aeternum, a columbary.
I had so much fun taking photos...

This is where the vaults are. Thousands can be laid in peace in each.

The center of each structure is beautifully designed and decorated with flowers.

The vaults line up all the walls of the two-storey structure.

View of the outside from within...

Chapels or Meditation rooms are uniquely designed, inside and out.

A coffee shop and lounge right in the park, would you believe!

The Aeternum is truly unique in style and in design yet retaining the serenity and tranquility of how a place for our dearly departed should be.


  1. Is just me or mukhang transformer yung chapel? O_o

  2. it doesn't look like its a balik-bayan box to me..... hehehehe XD

  3. naku, nina and ryan, ewan ko nga ba kung anung korte ng chapel na yan. no cross, no altar, no statues. sort of like a prayer room lang, i guess.

    i guess para walang favored na specific religion, you know. :-)

  4. uy, bat nawala yung comment ko? Anyways, sabi ko po, I hope one of these days, I can come with you on these little adventures.

  5. sis mikee, comment mo ba dito yung nawala? teka, hindi kaya sa flickr yung comment mo?>? ill check ha. wala naman ako ineerase or anything eh. ;-)

    anyway, thanks for dropping by. sana nga magkita tayo basta magawi ka ng manila. thatd be nice diba! walang katapusang kwentuhan :-)

  6. Hello Gita,

    Ang galing-galing naman ng mga pictures - iba-iba at interesting ang mga theme (yummy, serene, historical, etc.) and very artistic ang dating.

    Keep up the good work. We will visit your space often. Give our regards to fader, monchit and omeng.


    Guess who?

  7. hmmmmm.... teka teka, zizter, ikaw ba yan? ate arl??? palagay ko ikaw yan... thanks for dropping by sa blog ko. glad you like it. it is really more of a photoblog than kwentos and emotions ek ek. mas gusto ko to. dito ko nilalabas ang frustrations ko as a photographer. hehehe..
    pasyal ka lagi ha...

  8. Hi Gita,

    Mali ang hula mo (he, he, he), hindi ako si ate arl.

    Clue: I live in Dorothy's land but I am not a wizard.

    Have a good week ahead.


    Guess who? (take 2)

  9. ay mali!!!!! oz pala! ate cherry! kuya! kayo yan no! how are the kids? good to hear from you dito sa blog.. teka teka, papano nyo nakita ang blog ko? ;-)

  10. Hi Gita,

    Greetings from the land of fair dinkum and good mates!!!

    Na getz mo agad ang clue (obvious ba?). Malamig pa rin dito sa OZ (still winter). Ok naman ang 3Bs.

    Give our regards to fader, monchit and omeng. We will visit Omeng's and your space often to see your photos and learn more about your hobbies, lakwatsa, gimmick etc ;)

    P.S don't forget your lip gloss and hairbrush before you leave the house (he,he).


    Joseph, Cherry and 3 Ubings

  11. thanks for always dropping by, kuya, ate che and kidz. iuupdate namin ni omeng lagi ang aming mga sites para may makita kayong bago lagi.

    hahaha.... kung minsan, naiiwan ko ang lipgloss at comb, pero ang camera ko, laging nasa bag ko yan.

    hug the kids for us.. and yes, ill send them your regards. :-)