Monday, July 23, 2007

Fort Santiago Revisited

Visiting Fort Santiago is always an educational and enriching trip everytime. This is probably my 4th time... 1st was school trip a long time ago when I was in elementary; 2nd time was with my husband shortly after I got married; 3rd was with some balikbayans some 5 years ago; and lastly, a few days ago.

There is still that caretela ride you can take to bring you around, not just inside the Fort, but around the whole Intramuros area.

Long wide panoramic shot of the entrance to the Fort
Opposite view from above

I enjoyed taking pictures, this time, suprisinglyl so differently from how I looked thru the lens years ago... new angles, new compositions, new perspectives...

At the end of this tunnel was this chapel.

More photos taken in the garden before entering the main fort.

There is such great artistic detail carved on the main gate of the fort. And the moat is always a calming sight.

Rizal Shrine

Even Moe had a great time striking poses!

I was so happy to see the whole place well maintained after all these years. This is one place every Filipino show have visited at least once in his lifetime.


  1. Very nice shots of the fort Gita! Our art teacher, the late Alfredo Celis used to take our class there for oil and watercolor painting. I'm really impressed at how they kept the place preserved and clean for most pinoy aas well as tourists to appreciate old Manila history. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for dropping by, pete. i think it is good that there is a minimal entrance fee of P25 now. that helps in the maintenance of the place somehow.

    and yes, there are more tourists visiting the place than filipinos. a bit sad, dont you think.

  3. i love fort santiago. the architecture is just beautiful. i almost fell into that moat.....

  4. i know, ryan. the whole place is just beautiful without even trying no! effortless...

  5. Nice pics Gits! :) SUper tamad kasi ako mag-take ng pics eh.. kaya kawawa yung mga posts ko.. tipid sa images!!

  6. candishhh, baligtad tayo. ako naman, i love taking pictures. i let my pics talk for me in my blog. kung pwede nga lang na wala nang kwento eh. hehehe....

  7. I love those panoramic shots. Have to study that feature in my digicam.

    I've shot there too but didn't get a chance to blog yet. I prioritized the night shots first.

  8. thanks, photowalker. each stitched foto i posted was comprised of about 4-5 shots. then i stitched them up lang using the digicam's software.
    my bad, freehand ang ginamit kong shooting... i should have used the digicam's guide sana. but the photos turned out pretty well naman diba. thanks.
    ive seen your night shots.. theyre amazing!
    see ya around!