Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pixie Forest

Pixie Forest is a mini carnival inside Festival Mall in Alabang. Yes, it is an indoor amusement park for kids!

Everything is so welcoming and colorful, surely a delight to a child's eyes!

I had a great time taking photos. It was fun to see the kids enjoying their rides and games! It was like being a child again.

Sumire was the first to get tickets and first to fall in line!

A carnival won't be complete without a Ferris Wheel.... at Pixie Forest, they call it the Fairy's Wheel!

Plane rides never fail to delight every child.

There is even a mini log ride aptly called Elfin Waves!

Sumire even wanted to try the Fun House.

And for the not so young, there are a lot of arcade games as colorful as these. Sumire was eyeing the priced bike to be won by the champ.

And for parents, they can even hold their kids' birthday parties right there.

For a short while today, I was young once more. A carnival never fails to bring out the child in each of us.


  1. Bagay yung mga dolls mo dito. :)

  2. sayang nga lang at isa lang ang nadala ko eh. dibale, nag enjoy naman sha kahit mag isa. hehehe... thanks for dropping by, sis!

  3. masaya kaya ako sa rides na elfin vaves and fun house sa elfin waves ako ay nababasa tapos biglang bababa ang saya saka sa fun house naman nakakatakot nagpapatugtog pa ng scary sounds saka doon bawal young height na 47 pababa bawal sumakay pero nag engjoy ako hehehehehehe..............................