Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ice Craze

Jollibee always comes up with cool new stuff to add to their menu. And Ice Craze is one of them.

It comes in different flavors, there is mango and there is ube and cheese. But among them, this is my favorite, the Saba.

It is like the Saba Con Yelo meryenda that my mom prepared for us when we were younger. Chunks of sweetened saba in crushed ice and milk.

But Jollibee added sago bits and rice crispies to it for a better kick. And for P27.00, this is a steal! Even Moe loved it!


  1. Hi Gita.

    I just had to point out the great way you matched up your doll's top with the font color on the cup.

    La lang. =)

  2. houseband00, honestly, i didnt notice it until you pointed it out! thanks.
    hindi sha sadya actually. i bring one doll everyday, not really knowing what ill end up shooting them in. :-)

    by the way, thanks for mentioning about "Love Actually" in my other blog entry. my husband and i watched it and we loved it! thanks to your suggestion!

  3. natikman ko na din to and talagang ang sarap ng saba with sago. di talaga ako namigay at senolo ko.hehehe super sarap!

  4. lovingsue, ang style ko, i buy for two. para yung kasama ko, hindi ak hihingian. hehehe

  5. i like jollibee's buko pandan ice craze.. too bad they phased it out na :(

  6. u8mypinkcookies, i was so disappointed nga that they phased it out na... love ko pa naman to sa drive-thru at better living before going to work sa hapon....

  7. ^ sana sis ibalik noh :P

  8. u8mypinkcookies, naku, korek ka dyan.. they really should bring this back. lalo na this summer.. super init na... and super swak sa budget ang ice craze. not too heavy din sa tummy! yay....