Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Libingan Ng Mga Bayani - Last of Two Parts

There is a VIP and Dignitaries section in the LNMB and another one for National Scientists and National Artists. Some of them, I was able to take shots of.

This site lies open, seemingly in wait for its hero to finally be laid to rest. Whether he will ever be, anyone's guess is as good as mine. But this man was a soldier, and a soldier deserves a place in this cemetery.

Personally, I would have wanted the entire LNMB dedicated to our war heroes, no more no less, bearing the same headstones cut out of marble and standing proud. All the same for every hero. I don't even think a VIP section deserves a space in a such a hallowed ground.

These are the men. These are our heroes.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Uy! Salamat sa pag-link! Ngayon ko lang nakita. =)

  2. you should come visit the LNMB. and when you do, drop by ka na din sa Manila American Cemetery & Memorial. it is just nearby. another must-see place.

  3. Nice Gita! Ang sipag mo kumuha ng litrato! Also try doing this excercise: Kunwari film SLR yung camera mo at 24 shots na lang ang laman at ito na ang huli mong roll ng Kodachrome, at saka mahal mag-pa process ng chromes kaya ingat na ingat ka sa mga shots mo at talagang pinipili mo lang talaga ang mga anggulo ng mga ng kuha mo at saka pinag-aaralan mo pati ang avilable lighting o kaya kunwari maliit lang ang memory ng camera mo. O sige kodakan mo na ang paborito subject.

  4. thanks, noypetes. frustrated fotographer ata ako! hahaha.. baka pang kislap at liwayway lang ako no! hehehe.. anyway, i like your exercise... it's like a game.. will do that!

  5. You have a good eye for kool images. More images the better to choose from. The Liwayway covers were shot by pros but designed for the magazine market. But most important is your "tiyaga" which is something you need to get a good shot. Kesa saying: "Sana i took a shot of that or wow! sayang di handa ang camera ko!"

  6. thanks, pete. (can call you pete, mr lacson, uncle pete, mr pete??? :-)) ive always been fond of taking picture ever since i can remember. even during my elementary days in the '70s, i used to save up for a roll of film and thos cubes of flash bulbs we used to use on instamatic cameras. buti na lang digital age na!
    practice makes perfect. kaya i bring my camera with me every single day. i have so much to learn and improve on. i hope im getting there... :-)

  7. Thanks for this "tour", Gita. Really nice pictures. Made me feel like I was actually there.

    I, too, feel a little disturbed that our "heroes" are not treated equally. I think they all gave their lives in the service of our country so, except for the Presidents (who are almost like our "national symbols"), they should have been given equal space.

    Anyway, it might help to remember that in the after-life, wherever they will be, there will certainly be no V.I.P. sections. :P

  8. Uncle Pete na lang! or Pete or Manong Pete. Yes Gita you are getting there. Play with the lighting like the morning light , noon light, afternoon sharp light, dawn, dusk, all natural lighting and you'll be amazed by what you'll see on your captured images... Colors and light!!

  9. thanks bugsybee. i really put my all that day trying to capture the serenity of the whole place.

    i didnt want to write this in my main blog out of respect for some of the departed buried there, but i really felt that some of them didnt even deserve to be interred there.
    i felt really hurt that even in death, there is still inequality amongst us, filipinos.
    yea, bugsybee, at least we have the afterlife to even things up a bit.

    thanks for passing by...

  10. thanks for the words of encouragement. they really help in inspiring me to venture and explore more. thanks, manong pete (ayaw mo ng mr lacson? hehehe).